How To Spell remarkable?

Correct spelling: remarkable

What is the definition of remarkable?

  1. unusual or striking; "a remarkable sight"; "such poise is singular in one so young"

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What are the rhymes for remarkable?

  1. unremarkable;

What are the translations for remarkable?

Afrikaans word for Remarkable


Arabic word for Remarkable


Chinese words for Remarkable

卓越, 非凡, 出色, 杰出, 难能可贵, 不平常, 不简单.

Dutch words for Remarkable

bijzonder, vreemd, merkwaardig, opvallend, opmerkelijk, ongewoon, uitzonderlijk, buitengewoon.

French words for Remarkable

remarquable, impressionnant, incroyable, considérable, notable, formidable, marquant, extraordinaire, exceptionnel, visible, singulier, spectaculaire, exemplaire, surprenant, admirable, notables.

German words for Remarkable

singulär, bemerkenswert, beachtlich, beeindruckend, verwunderlich, markant, auffallend, frappant, erstaunlich, frappierend, erwähnenswert, beachtenswert.

Greek word for Remarkable


Italian words for Remarkable

grande, notevole.

Norwegian word for Remarkable


Portuguese words for Remarkable

extraordinário, estranho, impressionante, marcante, notáveis, surpreendente, excepcionais, marcantes, destacada, notória, admiráveis, assinalável, memorável, assinaláveis, fantásticos, supreendente, apreciáveis.

Romanian word for Remarkable


Russian words for Remarkable

примечательный, уникальный.

Spanish words for Remarkable

destacado, impresionante, asombroso, excelente, significativo, sorprendente, llamativo, destacable, espantoso, excepcional, notorio, sobresaliente, elogiable, marcada.