How To Spell remarry?

Correct spelling: remarry

What is the definition of remarry?

  1. To marry again.

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This graph shows how "remarry" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the quotes for remarry?

  1. 'Statistically, people who have been happily married and then widowed tend to remarry.

What are the rhymes for remarry?

  1. jerrie, sherry, cary, kari, parry, jerri, bury, prairie, jere, kerry, wary, guarneri, merrie, carrie, marry, neri, sherrie, contrary, cheri, sheri, tarry, terry, ferry, harry, mary, jerry, gerri, carie, clary, hairy, kerrey, scary, eyrie, unwary, lary, gerry, kerri, sperry, glengarry, merry, terrie, gerrie, stary, carrey, cherry, dairy, terri, teri, jeri, karry, sherri, very, derry, gary, carey, nary, kary, chery, querry, wherry, fairy, skerry, barre, vary, ranieri, gery, valeri, larry, metairie, perry;
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  3. canary, azeri;

What are the translations for remarry?

Arabic word for Remarry

يَتَزَوَّجُ ثَانِياً.

French words for Remarry

trou, se remarier.

German word for Remarry

wieder heiraten.

Greek word for Remarry


Italian word for Remarry


Japanese word for Remarry


Korean word for Remarry


Norwegian word for Remarry

gifte seg igjen.

Polish word for Remarry

ponownie ożenić się.

Portuguese word for Remarry

casar-se de novo.

Romanian word for Remarry

a se recăsători.

Russian word for Remarry

вступить в новый брак.

Spanish word for Remarry

volver a casarse.

Swedish word for Remarry

gifta om (sig).

Turkish word for Remarry


Ukrainian word for Remarry

брати повторний шлюб.