How To Spell remember?

Correct spelling: remember

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What are the rhymes for remember?

  1. nov;
  2. ember, member;
  3. november, september, december, dismember, nonmember;
  4. misremember;

What are the translations for remember?

Afrikaans word for Remember


Arabic word for Remember


Chinese words for Remember

紧记, 结记.

Dutch words for Remember

zich herinneren, onthouden, herdenken, terugdenken.

French words for Remember

honorer, retrouver, retenir, se souvenir, ne pas oublier, se remémorer, garder un souvenir de, perpétuer.

German words for Remember

bedenken, behalten, denken, sich erinnern, gedenken, sich merken, daran denken, sich entsinnen, erinnern (sich).

Greek word for Remember


Italian word for Remember


Japanese words for Remember

思いだす, 思い出す, 思う, おもう, 記憶にとどめる, 呼起す, 停める, 記憶に留める, 喚び起す, 目に浮かぶ, 呼起こす, 呼び起す, きおくにとどめる, 誌す, 見覚える, 記する, おぼえる, 思起す, おもいだす, しのぶ, みおぼえる.

Javanese word for Remember


Korean word for Remember


Malay word for Remember


Norwegian word for Remember


Polish words for Remember

pamiętać, przypomnieć sobie.

Portuguese words for Remember

lembrar, relembrar.

Romanian word for Remember

a ține minte.

Russian word for Remember


Spanish words for Remember

guardar, recordar, conmemorar, tener presente, acordarse de, acordarse, evocar, hacer memoria de.

Swedish word for Remember

komma ihåg.

Tamil word for Remember


Ukrainian word for Remember