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Correct spelling: removed


Definition of removed:

  1. Remote; separate from others.

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Examples of usage for removed:

  1. The body must be removed, M'sieur! "To-morrow?" , Victoria Cross.

Quotes for removed:

  1. I had not taken a bath in a year nor changed my clothes or removed them except to stick a needle every hour in the fibrous grey wooden flesh of heroin addiction. I did absolutely nothing. - William S. Burroughs
  2. I'm very happy with the way I look. I wake up some morning, catch myself in the bathroom mirror, and go, 'hey girl, you're alright'. But on the other hand, I find the website stuff, and the polls, something completely removed from my own personal life. You can't take anything like that too seriously, otherwise you'd end up in the loony bin. - Cameron Diaz
  3. In the case of Iraq, notwithstanding the violence there at the moment, the very fact that a hideous regime- responsible for genocide, for the use of chemical and biological weapons, aggression against two neighbors- has been removed in itself is a positive development. - Jose Ramos-Horta
  4. Wall Street sees a social fabric or social contract as inefficiencies, which need to be removed. - David Korten
  5. The act of exploring what the men are, and moreover the separation of the good from the evil, is visitation; and the good are then removed, and the evil are left behind. - Emanuel Swedenborg

Idioms for removed:

  1. be far removed from sth
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