How To Spell repartee?

Correct spelling: repartee

What is the definition of repartee?

  1. To make repartees.

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This graph shows how "repartee" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the quotes for repartee?

  1. I love to engage in repartee with people who are stupider than I am.
  2. A majority is always better than the best repartee.
  3. Silence is the unbearable repartee.

What are the rhymes for repartee?

  1. ged, si, be, marquis, c, esprit, atp, cc, musee, emcee, kee, banshee, ze, wee, yangtze, loree, dsv, ot, degree, vi, inductee, te, designee, rosemarie, valoree, tea, see, thierry, undersea, njt, pattee, gyi, lxi, snee, nominee, ji, honoree, potpourri, bibi, mea, markee, nee, waikiki, tee, li, ib, kyi, apc, we, she, m3, jessee, yippee, plea, fop, tree, ki, qi, cac, sep, odp, lsd, marquee, quay, lp, dee, dundee, cree, nabil, v, sri, pawnee, gee, franchisee, draftee, rupee, qui, licensee, capri, sea, the, referee, b, sze, trustee, escapee, eap, guaranty, xi, fsi, whoopee, curie, de, tyree, spie, enlistee, dea, smee, cod, foresee, re, louie, yie, shri, trainee, flea, vendee, leigh, ghee, p, marie, magee, shi, vee, cyb, kea, rea, nghi, three, disagree, ne, conferee, mcghee, pree, ski, mee, quai, indri, prix, decree, tse, yi, tenn, chea, tv, klee, retiree, bt, lee, mi, je, andree, sheree, tennessee, mc, z, detainee, brea, ranee, cat-3, parolee, c3, mcgee, guarantee, fee, mt, rb, khe, knee, sci, free, g, jubilee, sie, ye, goatee, zee, key, id, flee, lea, t, nie, oad, ip, ravi, bee, ee, se, ree, appointee, he, gutsy, guarani, bree, hee, ddt, glee, slee, crea, thee, fi, sightsee, cd, lessee, jie, chablis, cie, yee, spree, dupree, pri, bourgeoisie, cxc, oversea, bui, pea, brie, mit, thi, bbc, mpg, ti, zea, d, debris, internee, nestle, jee, chee, mme, bea, devotee, ve, xie, resignee, deportee, enrollee, jaycee, lavie, rosalee, ab, ofc, henri, blea, nic, syp, me;
  2. alee, achee, agree, albee, adee, abee, ac;
  3. amputee, amc, addressee, adoptee, abt, adoree, absentee;
  4. lapd, irit, knbc, geac, interviewee, hnat;
  5. awb;

What are the translations for repartee?

Arabic word for Repartee

حضور البديهة.

Bengali word for Repartee

শ্লেষযুক্ত জবাব.

Dutch word for Repartee


French word for Repartee


German word for Repartee


Greek word for Repartee


Hindi word for Repartee

हाजिर जवाबी.

Japanese word for Repartee


Malay word for Repartee


Marathi word for Repartee


Norwegian word for Repartee


Polish word for Repartee


Portuguese word for Repartee


Russian word for Repartee

остроумный ответ.

Spanish word for Repartee


Tamil word for Repartee


Ukrainian word for Repartee

дотепний відповідь.

Vietnamese word for Repartee

câu đáp lại.