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Correct spelling: replace

Definition of replace:

  1. To put again in the former place; to put in a new place; to repay; to refund; to supply with a proper substitute; to take the place of.

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What does the abbreviation replace mean?

REPLACE abbreviation definitions:
–  copy or add selected file(s) to target drive and directory
–  replaced

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Rhymes for replace:

  1. heyse, race, chase, base, brace, space, grace, embrace, retrace, caisse, face, encase, misplace, erase, mace, pace, glace, thrace, chace, nace, place, case, dace, ace, wace, trace, vase, incase, lambastes, cayce, bass, lace;
  2. deface, displace, efface, abase, debase, disgrace, apace;
  3. interlace;