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What are the rhymes for replace?

  1. heyse, race, chase, base, brace, space, grace, embrace, retrace, caisse, face, encase, misplace, erase, mace, pace, glace, thrace, chace, nace, place, case, dace, ace, wace, trace, vase, incase, lambastes, cayce, bass, lace;
  2. deface, displace, efface, abase, debase, disgrace, apace;
  3. interlace;

What are the translations for replace?

Afrikaans word for Replace


Arabic word for Replace


Bengali word for Replace

প্রতিস্থাপন করা.

Chinese words for Replace

接替, 置换, 更替, 掉换, 顶替, 倒替.

Dutch words for Replace

vervangen, verdringen, terugplaatsen, van de plaats innemen, terugzetten, terugleggen.

French words for Replace

remettre, changer, combler, remplacer, replacer, renouveler, succéder à.

German words for Replace

wechseln, erneuern, ersetzen, auswechseln, austauschen, verdrängen.

Greek word for Replace


Hindi word for Replace

की जगह.

Italian word for Replace


Japanese words for Replace

置き換える, 取り替える, 入れ替える, リプレース, 換える, 差し替える, かわる, 替わる, 取り換える, 付け替える, 治す, 替る, 替える, かえる, 挿げ替える, 切り換える, 切換える, 直す, 入れ代える, なおす, 挿し替える, もす, ほじゅう, 付け換える, 取りかえる, 模す, すげかえる, つけかえる, 換る, 差し換える, 換わる, 差換える, 代置, とりかえる, 改める, 摸す, 摸する.

Javanese word for Replace


Korean word for Replace


Marathi word for Replace

पुनर्स्थित करा.

Norwegian word for Replace


Polish word for Replace


Portuguese words for Replace

trocar, repor, substituir, recolocar.

Romanian word for Replace

a înlocui.

Russian word for Replace


Spanish words for Replace

cambiar, devolver, sustituir, reemplazar, reponer, volver a colocar, volver a poner.

Ukrainian word for Replace


Vietnamese word for Replace

thay thế.