How To Spell replay?

Correct spelling: replay

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This graph shows how "replay" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the quotes for replay?

  1. The slow -motion replay doesn't show how fast the ball was really travelling.
  2. We're a new show. We can't afford instant replay.
  3. Distant replay morphs into instant replay, and future replay cannot be far off.
  4. Books had instant replay long before televised sports.

What are the rhymes for replay?

  1. ney, re, ne, fe, wray, day, tae, che, stray, prey, sleigh, gaye, jaye, pay, kaye, vey, dae, slay, stay, brae, pei, cray, yay, ay, nay, pray, jay, gway, lay, fray, wy, saye, graye, drey, ae, bray, whey, klay, they, frey, say, weigh, hay, dray, sze, flay, grey, dey, mei, paye, tay, quay, nej, trey, haye, wey, brey, bay, ca, mae, j, daye, k, se, shay, hey, wei, khe, lait, maye, faye, sta, lei, fay, may, neigh, jae, tray, way, ley, quai, gray, blay, kay, cay, fey, bey, raye, de, yea, hwe, rae, waye, sway, play, ray, rey, spray, shea, mey, clay;
  2. decay, bouquet, mcveigh, b-j, dismay, portray, saute, okay, repay, orsay, toupee, passe, croquet, halfway, abbe, carre, defray, parquet, today, array, delay, macrae, mackay, crochet, dk, allay, ek, prepay, ha, ballet, cafe, away, monet, nisei, nikkei, souffle, cache, obey, hervey, puree, buffet, oj, betray, ole, convey, manet, gervais, moray, renee, cliche, delray, astray, rene, chalet, olay, valet, asay, beret, millay, hooray, soiree, beauvais, purvey, levey, sergei, hurray, mccrea, o'shea, sorbet, display, cathay, ga, mckay, dossier, fillet, essay, calais, da, survey, jose, bombay, risque, belay, filet;
  3. fiance, disarray, attache, dak, bouvier, aaa, ita, jna, faberge, underplay, cabernet, underway, bta, monterey, overplay, perrier, bua, uva, chevrolet, intraday, disobey, ekk, overstay, piaget, ira, monterrey, lyonnais, cabaret, cea;
  4. communique, naivete, foia, asea, hiaa, noaa, ceta, cabriolet;
  5. waga;

What are the translations for replay?

Arabic word for Replay

يُعيدُ لَعِب.

Chinese word for Replay


Dutch words for Replay

herhaling, overgespeelde wedstrijd.

French words for Replay

remettre, reprise, repasser, relecture, rejouer, rediffusion, retransmission, retransmettre, réécouter, rejeu.

German words for Replay

Wiederholung, wiederholen, Wiedergabe, wiedergeben, Wiederholungsspiel, ein Spiel wiederholen.

Greek word for Replay

επανάληψη φάσης αγώνα.

Hindi word for Replay

फिर से खेलना.

Italian word for Replay


Korean word for Replay


Malay word for Replay


Marathi word for Replay

रिप्ले करा.

Norwegian word for Replay


Polish word for Replay


Romanian word for Replay


Spanish words for Replay

repetición, reedición.

Swedish word for Replay


Turkish word for Replay


Ukrainian word for Replay

повторне відтворення.

Vietnamese word for Replay

việc chiếu lại.