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How To Spell repose?

Correct spelling: repose

What are the misspellings for repose ?

  • rehuse,
  • replase,
  • repones,
  • urpose,
  • rippes,
  • reposte,
  • repharse,
  • reponse,
  • propouse,
  • remose,
  • repor,
  • repst,
  • repitour,
  • rpess,
  • reease,
  • relpace,
  • receouse,
  • recorse,
  • repori,
  • repoduce,
  • repoter,
  • repoar,
  • reasse,
  • refouse,
  • resorse,
  • reurse,
  • repossed,
  • serpise,
  • sepouse,
  • reposne,
  • rpice,
  • repoairs,
  • propoose,
  • remoarse,
  • rephase,
  • rypes,
  • repite,
  • rpomise,
  • repused,
  • reponce,
  • remoce,
  • represe,
  • repomsce,
  • proupouse,
  • rapoure,
  • reposessor,
  • reposssed,
  • reose,
  • rejuse,
  • repower,
  • repys,
  • rerise,
  • proupose,
  • repore,
  • repro,
  • reaponse,
  • prepuse,
  • perpuse,
  • episoe,
  • replce,
  • repubs,
  • surrpise,
  • respoce,
  • repurpose,
  • rrose124,
  • rerpots,
  • reasorce,
  • repirs,
  • prpose,
  • repors,
  • refose,
  • reguse,
  • repoet,
  • rthose,
  • repoonse,
  • rpize,
  • rewource,
  • roops,
  • rpove,
  • reqirse,
  • repare,
  • repoir,
  • reporst,
  • iropuois,
  • repoair,
  • reruse,
  • repoed,
  • prupose,
  • repaie,
  • reese,
  • reposse,
  • rappore,
  • repoeat,
  • rapore,
  • reposity,
  • reopoen,
  • perpose,
  • repoire,
  • respece,
  • sppose.

What is the definition of repose?

  1. freedom from activity (work or strain or responsibility); "took his repose by the swimming pool"

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What are the quotes for repose?

  1. Certainty is the mother of quiet and repose, and uncertainty the cause of variance and contentions.
  2. The home to everyone is to him his castle and fortress, as well for his defence against injury and violence, as for his repose.
  3. Something attempted, something done, Has earned a nights repose.
  4. Yet it is in this loneliness that the deepest activities begin. It is here that you discover act without motion, labor that is profound repose, vision in obscurity, and, beyond all desire, a fulfillment whose limits extend to infinity.
  5. Anger may repast with thee for an hour, but not repose for a night; the continuance of anger is hatred, the continuance of hatred turns malice.

What are the rhymes for repose?

  1. shows, roes, mose, pros, joes, slows, ose, tows, beaus, crose, glows, pose, gose, close, pows, knows, lowes, boase, froze, throes, toes, brose, chose, jos, ngos, o's, blows, flows, foes, lows, cose, sows, lo's, crows, hose, ohs, nose, owes, bose, prose, boes, hoes, vose, snows, goes, throws, sews, rows, rose, noes, those, moes, clothes, doze, woes, bowes, rohs, bows, grows;
  2. tarots, forgoes, foreclose, bestows, disclose, arose, compose, propose, suppose, oppose, transpose, expose, plainclothes, stavros, depose, dubose, enclose, impose, dispose;
  3. reimpose, decompose, predispose, interpose, presuppose, juxtapose;
  4. superimpose, overexpose;

What are the translations for repose?

Afrikaans word for Repose


Dutch word for Repose


French words for Repose

repos, reposé.

German word for Repose


Hindi word for Repose


Italian word for Repose


Korean word for Repose


Malay word for Repose


Norwegian word for Repose


Polish word for Repose


Portuguese words for Repose

vila, repousam.

Romanian word for Repose


Russian word for Repose


Spanish word for Repose


Tamil word for Repose


Turkish word for Repose


Ukrainian word for Repose


Vietnamese word for Repose

nghi ngơi.