How To Spell research?

Correct spelling: research

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What is the definition of research?

  1. a search for knowledge; "their pottery deserves more research than it has received"

What does the abbreviation research mean?

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What are the rhymes for research?

  1. church, search, lurch, burch, perch, birch;

What are the translations for research?

Afrikaans word for Research


Arabic word for Research


Bengali word for Research


Chinese word for Research


Dutch words for Research

onderzoek, ontwikkeling, onderzoeken, speurwerk, nasporing.

French words for Research

rechercher, documenter, faire des recherches.

German words for Research

untersuchen, Forschung, Recherche, erforschen, recherchieren, Erforschung, Forschungstätigkeit, Forschungsarbeit, forschen.

Hindi word for Research


Italian words for Research

ricerca, indagine.

Javanese word for Research


Korean word for Research


Malay word for Research


Polish words for Research

badanie, badania, badawczy, rozpoznanie, prace badawcze, rozeznanie, zbieranie informacji.

Portuguese words for Research

pesquisa, investigação, estudo, pesquisar, estudar, trabalho de investigação.

Romanian word for Research


Russian words for Research

исследование, научная работа, исследовательский, изыскание.

Spanish words for Research

estudio, investigación, investigar, investigaciones, sondeo, indagar.

Swedish word for Research


Tamil word for Research


Ukrainian word for Research


Vietnamese word for Research

nghiên cứu.