How To Spell resolution?

Correct spelling: resolution

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What are the translations for resolution?

Afrikaans word for Resolution


Bengali word for Resolution


Chinese words for Resolution

消解, 心志, 魄力, 决断, 决议.

Dutch words for Resolution

oplossing, motie, voornemen, besluit, resolutie, afwikkeling, beslissing.

French words for Resolution

objectif, solution, résolution, fermeté.

German words for Resolution

Vorsatz, Entschluss, Auflösung, Resolution, Beschluss, Lösung, Entschlossenheit, Bildauflösung, Entschließung, Beschlussfassung, Auflösungsvermögen, Zerlegung, Aufhebung, Entschiedenheit, Rasterung, Entschlusskraft, Motion.

Hindi word for Resolution


Italian word for Resolution


Japanese words for Resolution

決議, 分解, 分解能, レゾリューション, 解消, 覚悟, けっしん, 思い切り, 発心, 英断, ラセミぶんかつ, 思いっきり, 決心, 毅然, 思いきり, 約束事, かいしょう, ぶんかいのう, きぜん, 思いっ切り, ラセミ分割, おもいっきり, おもいきり.

Javanese word for Resolution


Norwegian word for Resolution


Polish words for Resolution

uchwała, decyzja, postanowienie, rezolucja, rozdzielczość.

Russian words for Resolution

резолюция, решение, твёрдость.

Spanish words for Resolution

acuerdo, propuesta, de resolución, de decisión.

Swedish word for Resolution


Turkish word for Resolution


Vietnamese word for Resolution

nghị quyết.