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How To Spell Resources?

Correct spelling: Resources

List of misspellings for Resources:

  • resourses,
  • resourcers,
  • rources,
  • reseource,
  • resoures,
  • resopurce,
  • resourcses,
  • resorces,
  • reservces,
  • resauce,
  • reorces,
  • recylces,
  • reasourse,
  • reasorces,
  • resures,
  • reosuces,
  • resournces,
  • resounce,
  • resorses,
  • rescorce,
  • rescouces,
  • reaserce,
  • recsourses,
  • resouce,
  • ressources,
  • reassurres,
  • rescourse,
  • respurces,
  • resourcesful,
  • resourcse,
  • resoursed,
  • recsources,
  • resonses,
  • resourse,
  • resouraces,
  • resourts,
  • recsource,
  • resrouces,
  • resousces,
  • resurce,
  • reasoures,
  • reasorce,
  • rescorses,
  • recources,
  • rescourses,
  • resoruces,
  • reserouces,
  • resourcees,
  • resours,
  • resivours,
  • resoursies,
  • soureces,
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  • soiurces,
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  • resurses,
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  • resonce,
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  • resoursce,
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  • resonaces,
  • rescource,
  • rresources,
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  • respoces,
  • resorce,
  • researcers,
  • resoursces,
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  • resouses,
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  • reasources,
  • recousrces,
  • resusce,
  • resourices.

Related words for Resources

East Resources



East Resources, Inc., was an oil and gas exploration and production company with a focus on unconventional shale oil and gas resources in the United States.

Energy Resources of Australia



Energy Resources of Australia Ltd is a public company based in Australia. It is a subsidiary of the Rio Tinto Group which owns 68.4% of the company. The remainder is publicly held and traded on the Australian Securities Exchange. The chairman is Peter McMahon and Chief Executive is Andrea Sutton.

Richland Resources



Richland Resources Ltd is a gemstone mining, development and exploration company who are listed on the London Stock Exchanges AIM market.

Whitecap Resources



Whitecap Resources is a Canadian public oil company based in Calgary, Alberta, with operations in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia.

WPG Resources



WPG Resources Ltd is a mineral resources company focusing on exploration, evaluation and development of gold and coal projects in South Australia. The company was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on 23 August 2005. In 2011, the company sold iron ore assets to Arrium for approximately $346 million AUD. The assets included the Peculiar Knob iron deposit, located in the Woomera Protected Area.

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Translations for Resources:

Afrikaans word for Resources


Arabic word for Resources


Chinese words for Resources

资, 资料.

Dutch words for Resources

hulpmiddelen, bronnen, middelen, hulpbronnen, grondstoffen, voorzieningen.

French words for Resources

ressources, moyens.

German words for Resources

vorkommen, Mittel, Hilfsmittel, Fonds, Betriebsmittel, Ressourcen, Rohstoffe, Ressource, quellen, Rohstoffquellen, Hilfsquellen, Reichtümer, Einsatzmittel, wirtschaftliche Möglichkeiten, wirtschaftliche Reichtümer.

Greek word for Resources


Hindi word for Resources


Italian words for Resources

risorse, capitali.

Japanese words for Resources

資源, 財源, ざいげん, 機略, きりゃく, しげん.

Malay word for Resources


Marathi word for Resources


Norwegian word for Resources


Polish words for Resources

surowce, zasoby, zapasy.

Portuguese words for Resources

meios, fontes, verbas, disponibilidades.

Romanian word for Resources


Russian words for Resources

ресурсы, источники, способы.

Spanish words for Resources

medios, reservas, fondos, recursos, instrumentos, fuentes, riquezas.

Swedish word for Resources


Tamil word for Resources


Turkish word for Resources


Ukrainian word for Resources


Vietnamese word for Resources

tài nguyên.