How To Spell respect?

Correct spelling: respect

What is the definition of respect?

  1. an attitude of admiration or esteem; "she lost all respect for him"

What does the abbreviation respect mean?

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What are the translations for respect?

Afrikaans word for Respect


Dutch words for Respect

respecteren, eerbiedigen, opzicht, waarderen, eerbied, inachtneming, eerbiediging.

French word for Respect


German words for Respect

beachten, ansehen, anerkennen, achten, Anerkennung, Hinsicht, Achtung, Beziehung, Respekt, Hochachtung, respektieren, Respektierung.

Greek word for Respect


Italian word for Respect


Japanese words for Respect

尊敬, 点, リスペクト, 敬, 尊敬心, 見あげる, 崇め立てる, きょうけい, 恭敬, あがめる, あがまう, 崇めたてる, そんけいしん, いけい, 仰ぐ, 敬す, あがめたてる, けいす, 敬する, 崇まふ, けいする, 崇める, 崇ふ, てん.

Javanese word for Respect


Malay word for Respect


Polish words for Respect

poszanowanie, uznanie, szacunek, przestrzeganie, uszanowanie, poważanie.

Portuguese words for Respect

respeitar, respeito, acatamento, deferência.

Romanian word for Respect


Russian words for Respect

уважение, относиться с уважением, уважать.

Spanish words for Respect

contexto, respeto, honrar, acatar.