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How To Spell rest?

Correct spelling: rest

List of misspellings for rest:

  • porest,
  • resct,
  • presit,
  • reasd,
  • reseipt,
  • preist,
  • brest,
  • rev'it,
  • resorty,
  • resotre,
  • racuest,
  • rouste,
  • rosett,
  • restd,
  • friest,
  • risj,
  • rapest,
  • respo,
  • resy,
  • areasthat,
  • resp,
  • resiat,
  • resumit,
  • resquet,
  • rsist,
  • threst,
  • prest,
  • rescept,
  • resuit,
  • ren't,
  • restack,
  • retty,
  • resulat,
  • rised,
  • rist,
  • owrst,
  • resbite,
  • chrest,
  • reuest,
  • ruslt,
  • cehst,
  • the1st,
  • oreste,
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  • rest,
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  • rect,
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What does the abbreviation rest mean?

Related words for rest

Castle Rest


Castle Rest was the first of several "castles" built in the Thousand Islands region during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The castle was built in 1888 for George M. Pullman, and was a distinctive architectural work of Solon Spencer Beman. It remained in the Pullman-Lowden family until the mid-twentieth century when the main structure was demolished. Ancillary buildings designed by Beman remain on the island. The castle was located on Pullman Island in the Town of Alexandria, Jefferson County, New York.

Futsukaichi Rest Home


Futsukaichi Rest Home was a specialized medical facility located in the town of Futsukaichi, Japan, set up in 1946 by the Ministry of Welfare after World War II.

Rest in Sleaze


Album by Crashdïet

"Rest in Sleaze" is the debut album by Swedish glam metal band Crashdïet. The album was produced by Platform and Grizzly/Tysper. The album debuted at #12 on the Swedish album chart.

Traveller's Rest


Traveller's Rest, also known as the General Horatio Gates Home, is a historic plantation house located on Bowers Road near Kearneysville, Jefferson County, West Virginia.

Wicked Man's Rest


Studio album by Passenger

Wicked Man's Rest is the debut and sole studio album of the British band Passenger fronting Mike Rosenberg. The single "Walk You Home" taken from the album charted in Britain reaching number 134 in the UK Singles Chart.

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Translations for rest:

Chinese words for Rest

休, 休憩, 歇, 安息, 憩, 歇手, 安置, 使...休息, 使...轻松, 歇气, 养神.

Dutch words for Rest

uitrusten, rust, rusttijd.

French words for Rest

rester, reposer, appui, appuyer, repos, silence, se reposer, dormir, restant.

German words for Rest

Auflage, lagern, rüsten, Schonung, Rest, Ruhe, Erholung, Pause, ruhen, sich erholen, ausruhen, sich ausruhen, sich schonen, Rast, Ruhepause, ein Übriges, Lehne, Verschnaufpause, Unterbrechung, Auszeit, Restbestand, Pausenzeichen, Gabel, rasten, liegen, beruhen, Pause machen, sich stützen, basieren, eine Pause einlegen, aufstützen, Reste.

Italian words for Rest

riposo, sosta, tranquillità, riposino.

Japanese words for Rest

休息, レスト, 休憩, お休み, 休止, 憩う, かけ, 安息, 一休み, 休める, いこう, ひと休み, 憩, 休足, ひとやすみ, 安らう, あんまり, やすみ, いきやすめ, きゅうし, やすむ, 御休み, ていおんぷ, きゅうそく, きゅうけい, なかやすみ, 停音符, おやすみ, 休す, いこい, 息休め, きゅうよう, あんまし, 懸, やすめる, 停音, やすらう.

Javanese word for Rest


Malay word for Rest


Polish words for Rest

reszta, wypoczynek, odpoczynek, podparcie, spoczynek, pozostała część, wyciszenie, stan spoczynku.

Portuguese words for Rest

suporte, pousar, repousar, apoiar-se, basear-se, jazer, apoio, remanescente, tranqüilidade, sossego, repouso, parte restante, fazer uma pausa, ficar quieto, estar parado.

Russian words for Rest

покой, отдыхать, успокоиться, передышка, покоиться.

Spanish words for Rest

colocar, intervalo, apoyo, restante, pausa, descanso, resto, parar, descansar, posar, res, respiro, reposo, reposar.

Swedish word for Rest


Turkish word for Rest


Vietnamese word for Rest

phần còn lại.