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How To Spell retrace?

Correct spelling: retrace

Definition of retrace:

  1. to go back over again, as of a route or steps; "we retraced the route we took last summer"

List of misspellings for retrace:

  • retroes,
  • rettace,
  • retrevie,
  • leteracy,
  • tetrace,
  • re6race,
  • retriced,
  • trerrace,
  • reitrate,
  • retreaver,
  • roadrage,
  • rotorary,
  • refrace,
  • retrafe,
  • retraxe,
  • reterive,
  • rheteric,
  • re5race,
  • reprase,
  • retric,
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  • detrace,
  • retorich,
  • retrat,
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  • 4etrace,
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Examples of usage for retrace:

  1. Neither could retrace his steps. – A Handbook to the Works of Browning (6th ed.) by Mrs. Sutherland Orr
  2. When he saw Cherami walking in his direction, he stopped, and seemed undecided as to what he should do, being evidently inclined to retrace his steps. – Monsieur Cherami by Charles Paul de Kock
  3. The following days were taken up in efforts to find a path that would lead to some inhabited place, but the efforts were in vain; and though he sought constantly, he could not retrace his steps to the house where he had seen the Malay lady trying to get away. – One Maid's Mischief by George Manville Fenn

Quotes for retrace:

  1. Perhaps I am doomed to retrace my steps under the illusion that I am exploring, doomed to try and learn what I should simply recognize, learning a mere fraction of what I have forgotten.
  2. Those who live in a world of human beings can only retrace their steps.
  3. It is easy to go down into Hell; night and day, the gates of dark Death stand wide; but to climb back again, to retrace one's steps to the upper air- there's the rub, the task.
  4. The descent to the infernal regions is easy enough, but to retrace one's steps, and reach the air above, there's the rub.

Rhymes for retrace:

  1. face, case, brace, mace, encase, trace, dace, replace, race, embrace, lambastes, chase, nace, cayce, chace, thrace, vase, ace, bass, base, space, lace, pace, heyse, place, wace, misplace, erase, glace, caisse, grace, incase;
  2. abase, debase, deface, displace, apace, efface, disgrace;
  3. interlace;

Translations for retrace:

Afrikaans word for Retrace


Arabic word for Retrace

يَعُودُ مِنْ حَيْثُ أَتَى.

Bengali word for Retrace

অনুসন্ধান করা.

Chinese word for Retrace


French word for Retrace


Greek word for Retrace

ακολουθώ ίχνη.

Italian word for Retrace


Japanese word for Retrace


Javanese word for Retrace


Korean word for Retrace


Malay word for Retrace

Menjejaki semula.

Marathi word for Retrace

मागे घ्या.

Norwegian word for Retrace

gå tilbake samme vei.

Polish word for Retrace

odtworzyć przeszłość.

Portuguese word for Retrace

voltar pelo mesmo caminho.

Romanian word for Retrace

a reconstitui.

Russian word for Retrace

возвращаться по своим следам.

Spanish word for Retrace


Swedish word for Retrace

spåra tillbaka.

Tamil word for Retrace


Turkish word for Retrace

kaynağına inmek.

Vietnamese word for Retrace

thoái lui.