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How To Spell revue?

Correct spelling: revue

List of misspellings for revue:

  • sreve,
  • reviiew,
  • recue,
  • revebue,
  • recurve,
  • revanue,
  • refeer,
  • recview,
  • revie,
  • revued,
  • reuice,
  • reviedw,
  • revewi,
  • refun,
  • refur,
  • revied,
  • rerview,
  • revieew,
  • rvier,
  • rev'it,
  • resavour,
  • reule,
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  • reveiw,
  • revbiew,
  • revuene,
  • riuver,
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  • reviev,
  • nephue,
  • reiver,
  • revok,
  • neuvaue,
  • recve,
  • requeir,
  • reevenue,
  • revote,
  • revnue,
  • reaview,
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  • resview,
  • recivie,
  • reffer,
  • relvie,
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  • rhave,
  • redue,
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  • surivur,
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  • revol,
  • reque.

Related words for revue



1926 film

Artistenrevue is a 1926 Dutch silent comedy film directed by Alex Benno.

Chez Paree Revue


American television series

Chez Paree Revue was an American variety television series, which aired on the DuMont Television Network in 1950. Very little information exists as to the timeslot, running time, or dates aired.

Ice-Capades Revue


1942 film

Ice-Capades Revue is a 1942 American comedy film directed by Bernard Vorhaus and written by Bradford Ropes and Gertrude Purcell. The film stars Ellen Drew, Richard Denning, Jerry Colonna, Barbara Jo Allen, Harold Huber and Marilyn Hare. The film was released on December 24, 1942, by Republic Pictures.

Parade: A Musical Revue


Book by Jerry Herman

Parade is an Off-Broadway revue with book, music, and lyrics by Jerry Herman, produced by Lawrence Kasha that opened originally at the Showplace in New York and moved to the Players Theatre on January 20, 1960.

The Little Revue


American television series

The Little Revue was an American early-broadcast television series, which ran on the ABC network from 1949 to 1950. The program broadcast music performers and other variety show elements.

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Quotes for revue:

  1. It's not just a revue where one song is done, then another. There are concepts and ideas at work.
  2. My portrayal of Fagin was all to do with my experience in comedy and revue.

Rhymes for revue:

  1. shrew, sue, drew, dew, flu, pru, wu, gu, coo, ku, yue, jue, chou, kew, xu, thru, pew, knew, ewe, q, crewe, que, tue, hew, pooh, loo, lieu, pu, hou, whew, sioux, crew, threw, screw, moo, true, mu, lew, hue, thew, flue, lue, coup, stew, poo, stu, chu, brew, coups, fu, soo, hewe, you, dru, vue, clue, trew, prue, hu, woo, rue, cue, strew, doo, thuy, shu, beu, blew, zhu, chiu, hugh, uwe, too, zue, glue, hsu, lu, bleu, ju, lou, yu, who, ou, u, gue, hoo, vu, mew, spew, zoo, phu, ru, su, nu, through, leu, few, gnu, view, shoo, xue, shew, jew, due, liu, rew, qu, phew, cou, do, grew, zhou, kyu, joo, pugh, koo, foo, yew, tew, chew, queue, boo, tu, glew, flew, siew, goo, new, ooh, slew, two, skew, yoo, blue, shoe, pou, douwe, du;
  2. kazoo, redo, anew, accrue, ragu, tatu, shampoo, tattoo, debut, cat-2, baku, liou, cebu, canoe, undue, purdue, unglue, zanu, miscue, kwangju, renew, outgrew, review, adieu, fondue, urdu, perdue, ague, ensue, fitzhugh, askew, m2, undo, babu, wahoo, taboo, eschew, larue, peru, ado, outdo, withdrew, c2, abou, imbue, reto, into, leroux, mchugh, untrue, subdue, construe, pursue, bamboo;
  3. katmandu, kangaroo, overdue, iou, misconstrue, hitherto, byu, timbuktu, overthrew, overdo, isu, depardieu, suu;
  4. hullabaloo, kalamazoo;
  5. dfw;

Translations for revue:

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Korean word for Revue

시사 풍자극.

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kịch thời sự.