How To Spell reward?

Correct spelling: reward

What is the definition of reward?

  1. bestow honor upon; "Today we honor our soldiers"

What does the abbreviation reward mean?

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What are the rhymes for reward?

  1. gourd, horde, fjord, floored, chord, snored, hoard, ward, bored, warde, record, implored, warred, poured, oared, soard, forde, ford, sword, cored, toward, pored, shored, board, outscored, explored, gored, reboard, nord, cord, deplored, roared, stored, scored, ord, mord, lord, restored, verwoerd, soared, ignored;
  2. accord, acord, adored, abhorred, aboard, afford, award;
  3. prerecord, underscored, untoward, unexplored;

What are the translations for reward?

Arabic word for Reward


Dutch words for Reward

belonen, beloning, loon, compensatie, vergelding.

French word for Reward


German words for Reward

Lohn, Gegenleistung, Anerkennung, Entgelt, Belohnung, belohnen, honorieren, entlohnen, Honorierung, Prämie, Entlohnung, vergelten.

Italian word for Reward


Japanese words for Reward

報酬, 報い, 報奨, ご褒美, 報奨金, ごほうび, 恩賞, 褒賞, 見返り, 応える, 礼金, 報いる, 褒美, 謝礼金, むくい, れいきん, ほうしょう, ほうしょうきん, ほうしゅう, 懸賞金, おんしょう, 報える, みかえり, 酬いる, 御駄賃, 酬い, 報う, 褒奨金, 賞典, 禄, けんしょう, けんしょうきん, しゃきん, しゃれいきん, むくいる, 謝金, 酬う, むくう.

Malay word for Reward


Marathi word for Reward

प्रतिफळ भरून पावले.

Norwegian word for Reward


Polish word for Reward


Portuguese word for Reward


Romanian word for Reward


Russian word for Reward


Spanish words for Reward

incentivo, recompensa, recompensar, premiar, paga, galardonar.

Ukrainian word for Reward