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  1. Insane sects grow with the same rhythm as big organizations. It is the rhythm of total destruction. - Theodor Adorno
  2. Our repertoire consisted of rhythm and blues, sort of country rhythm and blues, Sonny Terry things. - Ray Davies
  3. The biggest challenge for me was Get Rhythm. I don't know why. - Brian Setzer
  4. I love Ruth Brown, not just her singing, but Ruth Brown has more girl power than anyone, because she fought hard against people who ripped her off and then helped other artists through the Rhythm and Blues Foundation. - Ronnie Spector
  5. I work very hard on all my poems, but most of the work consists of trying not to sound as if I had worked. I try to make them sound as natural as possible, but within a quite strict form, which to my ears has a lot to do with musical rhythm and sound. - Anne Stevenson
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