How To Spell right?

Correct spelling: right

What is the definition of right?

  1. make reparations or amends for; "right a wrong"

What does the abbreviation right mean?

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What are the translations for right?

Chinese words for Right

权, 自由.

Dutch words for Right

goed, juist, waar, bevoegdheid.

French words for Right

correct, convenable, bien, utile, juste, net, correctement, exact, corriger, droit, effacer, redresser, vrai, exactement, droite, à droite, de droite.

German words for Right

Recht, Anrecht, zutreffend, richtig, gleich, Gut, eh, richtigstellen, gerecht, sehr, direkt, voll, aufrichten, ideal, optimal, Berechtigung, rechte Seite, rechts, nach rechts, wiedergutmachen, gell, gelle, rechte, rechter, rechtes, rechtsherum.

Greek word for Right


Italian word for Right


Japanese words for Right

権利, ちょうど, 丁度, ほんと, ほんとう, 妥当, みぎ, ただしい, どうぜん, すじあい, けんり, 同然, じゅんとう, 順当, せいぎ, 筋合, おんとう, 本當, せいかい, 恰度, 穏当.

Javanese word for Right


Malay word for Right


Marathi word for Right


Polish words for Right

odpowiednio, prawo, w prawo, uprawnienie, dobrze.

Portuguese words for Right

bem, exato, adequado, apropriado, correto, devido, boa, bom, direito, certo, perfeito, à direita, corretamente, apropriada, correcta, exacta, direita, positiva, adequadas, acertada, exata, apropriadas, apropriados, acertadas, devida, propícias.

Romanian word for Right


Russian words for Right

право, правильный, правый, правота, правая партия, правая рука, правое дело, правые (о партии), правая сторона, реакционный.

Spanish words for Right

preciso, exacto, correcto, adecuado, apropiado, reto, arreglar, justo, bueno, oportuno, corregir, pertinente, derecho, acertado, correctamente, cierto, derecha, recto, a la derecha, exactamente, reparar, enderezar, remediar, justicia, perfecto, precisamente, derechazo, lado derecho, giro a la derecha, de derechas.

Swedish word for Right


Turkish word for Right