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How To Spell right?

Correct spelling: right

Definition of right:

  1. make reparations or amends for; "right a wrong"

List of misspellings for right:

  • wrighter,
  • rilght,
  • righer,
  • richet,
  • highty,
  • haight,
  • eighte,
  • rigt,
  • miught,
  • riqht,
  • traight,
  • quight,
  • maight,
  • reighn,
  • sightt,
  • fightt,
  • herright,
  • riggt,
  • rigte,
  • eaight,
  • wirght,
  • caight,
  • ridwgay,
  • relight,
  • rightway,
  • roigh,
  • rightsw,
  • ouright,
  • ritht,
  • ritgh,
  • graght,
  • tright,
  • righy,
  • righrt,
  • reights,
  • ringt,
  • fiight,
  • hieght,
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  • wrigh,
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  • roight,
  • wmight.

What does the abbreviation right mean?

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Founded in 1999, Right to Dream is an African football academy. Starting on a small scale, training just a few boys on a dust pitch in Accra, the Academy has evolved over the last 16 years to become a fully residential, centre of excellence, with over 90 students on scholarship from 7 African countries, at a purpose-built campus on the banks of the River Volta.

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Quotes for right:

  1. I think everybody has to be better, right from me out. Everybody has to step up their games for us to be successful here. I've been lucky to be on some good teams over the years and that's what it takes, everybody contributing night after night.
  2. Every single major push in education has made it worse and right now it's really bad because everything we've done is de -humanizing education. It's destroying the possibility of the teacher and the student having a warm, friendly, intellectual relationship.
  3. The right to private property meant at the same time the right and duty to be personally concerned about your own well -being, to be personally concerned about your family's income, to be personally concerned about your future. This is hard work.
  4. I was an only child, and Mother was always right with me all my life. I used to get very angry at her when I was growing up -it's a natural thing.
  5. Race horses are like golfers, you're never sure how they're going to come out of the stalls. It's just- hopefully the horses come out of the race all right, just fit and ready to go again in the near future, but 3rd was good. It's paid for its hay.

Translations for right:

Chinese words for Right

权, 自由.

Dutch words for Right

goed, juist, waar, bevoegdheid.

French words for Right

correct, convenable, bien, utile, juste, net, correctement, exact, corriger, droit, effacer, redresser, vrai, exactement, droite, à droite, de droite.

German words for Right

Recht, Anrecht, zutreffend, richtig, gleich, Gut, eh, richtigstellen, gerecht, sehr, direkt, voll, aufrichten, ideal, optimal, Berechtigung, rechte Seite, rechts, nach rechts, wiedergutmachen, gell, gelle, rechte, rechter, rechtes, rechtsherum.

Greek word for Right


Italian word for Right


Japanese words for Right

権利, ちょうど, 丁度, ほんと, ほんとう, 妥当, みぎ, ただしい, どうぜん, すじあい, けんり, 同然, じゅんとう, 順当, せいぎ, 筋合, おんとう, 本當, せいかい, 恰度, 穏当.

Javanese word for Right


Malay word for Right


Marathi word for Right


Polish words for Right

odpowiednio, prawo, w prawo, uprawnienie, dobrze.

Portuguese words for Right

bem, exato, adequado, apropriado, correto, devido, boa, bom, direito, certo, perfeito, à direita, corretamente, apropriada, correcta, exacta, direita, positiva, adequadas, acertada, exata, apropriadas, apropriados, acertadas, devida, propícias.

Romanian word for Right


Russian words for Right

право, правильный, правый, правота, правая партия, правая рука, правое дело, правые (о партии), правая сторона, реакционный.

Spanish words for Right

preciso, exacto, correcto, adecuado, apropiado, reto, arreglar, justo, bueno, oportuno, corregir, pertinente, derecho, acertado, correctamente, cierto, derecha, recto, a la derecha, exactamente, reparar, enderezar, remediar, justicia, perfecto, precisamente, derechazo, lado derecho, giro a la derecha, de derechas.

Swedish word for Right


Turkish word for Right