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Correct spelling: ring

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What does the abbreviation ring mean?

RING abbreviation definitions:
–  Rhode Island National Guard
–  Resiliency in Northern Ghana

Ring \r(i)-ng\

Ring as a boy's name is of Old English origin, and the meaning of Ring is "ring". Unusual name made known by author Ring Lardner. Beatles member Ringo Starr took his name from his favored jewelry.
Renke, range.

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Quotes for ring:

  1. But when you actually go in the ring, it's a very lonely and scary place. It's just you and the other guy.
  2. The film world is a crazy place to be. You sit around all day waiting for the phone to ring. Are people talking about you or aren't they?
  3. Since then, I have worked with the group that commissioned and improved the ring and that is now preparing the construction of a second ring to increase the p stacking rate by an order of magnitude.
  4. If Nixon is not forced to turn over tapes of his conversations with the ring of men who were conversing on their violations of the law, then liberty will soon be dead in this nation.
  5. Opportunity knocks for every man, but you have to give a woman a ring.

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  2. chongqing, upswing, peking, unring, beijing;