How To Spell ring?

Correct spelling: ring

What does the abbreviation ring mean?


Ring as a boy's name is of Old English origin, and the meaning of Ring is "ring". Unusual name made known by author Ring Lardner. Beatles member Ringo Starr took his name from his favored jewelry.

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This graph shows how "ring" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the rhymes for ring?

  1. ling, sting, spring, king, ping, sling, sing, singh, thing, ching, wring, string, jing, fling, ding, dring, ging, ying, ng, wing, cling, qing, lyng, ting, swing, zing, ing, bring, bing, xing, ming;
  2. chongqing, upswing, peking, unring, beijing;

What are the translations for ring?

Arabic word for Ring


Bengali word for Ring


Chinese words for Ring

圈, 戒指, 圈子, 指环, 戒子, 铃声, 觼.

Dutch words for Ring

beugel, rinkelen, aanbellen, klinken, omcirkelen, omringen, weerklinken, suizen, luiden, zoemen.

French words for Ring

entourer, bague, sonner, rond, anneau, sonnerie, résonner, encercler, boucle, retentir, cercle, tintement, tinter.

German words for Ring

Klang, klingen, Vereinigung, erklingen, Ring, Hof, anrufen, telefonieren, einkreisen, Kreis, Klingeln, Manege, klirren, bellen, umringen, Fingerring, Rufzeichen, Ringel, Klingelzeichen, schellen, schallen, bimmeln, gellen, beringen, Arena.

Greek word for Ring


Hindi word for Ring


Italian words for Ring

anello, ghiera, cerchio, squillo.

Japanese words for Ring

リング, 輪っか, 試合場, 打ち鳴らす, うちならす, 円陣, あしわ, 足輪, しあいじょう, わっか, 鳴らすこと.

Korean word for Ring


Malay word for Ring


Marathi word for Ring


Polish word for Ring


Portuguese words for Ring

elo, anel, telefonar, argola, ringue, anilha, campainha, ligação telefônica, repicar, tilintar, ressoar, badalar.

Romanian word for Ring


Russian word for Ring


Spanish words for Ring

pista, tocar, red, llamar, anilla, rodear, sonar, toque, aro, anillo, círculo, hornillo, anillar, resonar, corona, repercutir, sortija, argolla, cuadrilátero, ruedo, profiláctica.

Turkish word for Ring


Ukrainian word for Ring


Vietnamese word for Ring

tiếng chuông.