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Correct spelling: rise

What does the abbreviation rise mean?


Rise as a girl's name is a variant of Risa (Latin), and the meaning of Rise is "laughter".

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What are the rhymes for rise?

  1. sighs, guise, revise, incise, despise, plies, defies, ais, spies, crise, goodbyes, highs, relies, wyse, wise, comprise, decries, surprise, flies, pint-size, ties, vies, guys, dyes, prize, wies, dies, marseilles, chastise, supplies, lise, unties, replies, fries, surmise, mies, geis, kise, complies, julies, ise, eis, eyes, dise, skies, bies, bise, upsize, demise, nies, buys, implies, tries, emprise, pries, thais, hise, cries, denies, disguise, ayes, thighs, shies, unwise, lies, pies, y's, dries, size, grise, ries;
  2. belies, devise, baptize, allies, apprise, advise, reprise, applies, arise;
  3. improvise, underlies, oversize;
  4. sensationalize, decriminalize;

What are the translations for rise?

Afrikaans words for Rise

helling, styg.

Arabic word for Rise


Bengali word for Rise


Chinese words for Rise

崛起, 涨到, 飞扬, 升腾, 上涨.

Dutch words for Rise

rijzen, toenemen, opkomen, opslag, verhoging, toename, stijging, vergroting, oplopen, opstaan, groei, opkomst, opgang, oprijzen, gaan staan, bovenkomen, opdoemen, opmars, verheffing, omhoog gaan.

French words for Rise

monter, croissance, accroissement, lever, ascension, essor, surgir, progresser, remonter, extension, émerger, grimper, accession, surcroît, ressusciter, s'élever.

German words for Rise

Steigerung, Zunahme, Anstieg, zunehmen, wachsen, ansteigen, steigen, anwachsen, entstehen, Ausweitung, Anhebung, Steigung, Hebung, Aufstieg, Schwelle, Erhebung, Aufschwung, gehen, aufkommen, aufstehen, sich erheben, aufsteigen, aufgehen, Gehaltszulage, Expansion, entspringen, Kursanstieg, Anhöhe, Vormarsch, Stichhöhe, Aufgang, Emporkommen, ragen, auferstehen, emporsteigen, auflaufen, hochsteigen, anschwellen, schwellen, emporragen, sichtbar werden, aufragen, hinaufgehen, Progression, Auge, Augmentation, Hausse.

Italian words for Rise

salire, aumentare, crescere, alzarsi, innalzarsi, ascesa.

Japanese words for Rise

興隆, 昇る, 上がり, たつ, 起き上がる, 立上がる, 立つ, 登る, へあがる, こうき, 陞る, たかまり, あがる, もりあがる, 経上がる, きげん, 蹴上, 起上る, 立ちあがる, おきかえる, 峙つ, 起ち上がる, 盛上る, 盛りあがる, 舞立つ, そばだつ, おったつ, おこる, 起原, かいぼう, 上騰, 聳える, 盛り上がる, 蹴上げ, 盛り上る, のぼりちょうし.

Javanese word for Rise


Malay word for Rise


Polish words for Rise

wzrost, przyrost, rosnąć, podniesienie, wzlot, rozkwit, wzniesienie.

Portuguese words for Rise

acesso, progredir, nascer, levantar-se, origem, ladeira, emergir, crescer, crescimento, surgimento, aparecimento, ascensão, ressuscitar, erguer-se, ressurgir, revoltar-se, alçar-se, aumentar (preço), rebelar-se.

Romanian word for Rise


Russian words for Rise

подъём, возвышение, расти.

Spanish words for Rise

salir, subir, resurgir, aumentar, salida, aumento, ascender, nacimiento, levantarse, subida, ascenso, elevarse, nacer, alta, incremento, elevar, crecimiento, crecer, escalada, colina, surgimiento, rampa, levantamiento, alza, repunte, resucitar, incrementarse, ponerse de pie.

Tamil word for Rise