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How To Spell Roane?

Correct spelling: Roane

List of misspellings for Roane:

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red-haired, red; ascending
Roane as a boy's name is a variant of Rohan (Irish, Sanskrit), and the meaning of Roane is "red-haired, red; ascending".

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Examples of usage for Roane:

  1. Some of those seals were larger than others, and the country people used to call them " Roane and whisper that they were not seals at all, but Mermen and Merwomen, who came from a country of their own, far down under the ocean, who assumed this strange disguise in order that they might pass through the water, and come up to breathe the air of this earth of ours. – The Scottish Fairy Book by Elizabeth W. Grierson

Rhymes for Roane:

  1. sloane, joan, scone, own, phone, loan, mone, goen, roan, grown, thrown, flown, stone, moan, throne, boan, shone, bowne, sloan, zone, mon, bone, cohn, doane, clone, lone, known, sharon, rone, shown, crone, blown, hoen, prone, drone, coan, rhone, koen, sown, groan, hone, tone, cone, sewn, don't, doan, fone, jone, trone;
  2. condone, capone, simone, carone, dethrone, trombone, damone, disown, postpone, malone, bayonne, leone, intone, raton, marone, outshone, tirone, cyclone, ramone, homegrown, unknown, ramon, cologne, tyrone, dijon, outgrown, perone, atone, alone, pavone, bemoan, hipbone;
  3. overblown, bourguignon, overthrown, unbeknown, calderon, overgrown;
  4. concepcion;