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Correct spelling: rock

Definition of rock:

  1. A roc.
  2. A large mass of stony matter, bedded in the earth or resting on it; any mineral deposit; a firm or immovable foundation; strong defence.
  3. A distaff used in spinning.
  4. To move backward and forward; to lull to quiet.

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What does the abbreviation rock mean?

ROCK abbreviation definitions:
–  Rigidity Optimized Conformation Kinetics
–  Reaching Others For Christ's Kingdom

Rock \r(o)-ck\

Rock as a boy's name. Variant of Rocco. Actor Rock Hudson, who was originally named Roy Scherer, made the name famous.
Related names:
rick, rochester, Roch, Rocko.

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Quotes for rock:

  1. I sang in a rock band when I was training as a lawyer. You know, not professional, we just did it for fun. We just did gigs all over Edinburgh and some in Glasgow and some at festivals.
  2. Men make angry music and it's called rock -and -roll; women include anger in their vocabulary and suddenly they're angry and militant.
  3. I always felt rock and roll was very, very wholesome music.
  4. When I first started playing in a band, before the Beatles, working bands played standards and they saved their rock material til the end of the night when they were really stretched out. It could be pretty lame.
  5. New York is the dream world, the center of jazz and rock.

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  2. o'clock, bangkok, undock, iraq, unlock, restock, isaak;
  3. interlock, overstock, antiknock;