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Correct spelling: role

Definition of role:

  1. The part an actor performs the part one acts in life.

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This graph shows how "role" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for role:

  1. He decided to play his favorite role that of the indignant Italian. – The Foreign Hand Tie by Gordon Randall Garrett
  2. In the meantime the " Good Mzimu," though greatly embarrassed by the role of a divinity, at Stas' request stretched out her little hand and began to greet the negroes. – In Desert and Wilderness by Henryk Sienkiewicz

Quotes for role:

  1. What's David's role? David looks good, that's what David does. David looks good, and I'm the funny one, that's what I hear constantly. But I keep telling him that looks fade.
  2. Man's role is uncertain, undefined, and perhaps unnecessary.
  3. If there is illness in your home, do you not need a doctor from outside? If your home catches on fire, do you not need fire fighters from outside? God has sent me to America in the role of a doctor, in the role of a fire fighter.
  4. Shortly afterwards, I did a third one to repair the robotic arm of the station. This arm plays a very important role in the ongoing expansion of the station as well as in the deployment of solar panels.
  5. Now people all across America are starting to believe in America again. We are coming back, back to the heights of greatness, back to America's proud role as a temple of justice and a champion of peace.

Rhymes for role:

  1. bole, boll, bowl, coal, cole, dhole, dole, droll, foal, goal, knoll, kohl, mole, pole, poll, roll, scroll, seoul, shoal, sol, sole, soul, stole, stroll, thole, toll, troll, whole, nole, noll, tole, sowle, colle, rolle, noell, rol, ohl, kol, stol, wohl, buol, kole, nohl, pohl, roehl, sohl, hole, skoal;
  2. cajole, console, control, enroll, extol, parole, patrol, unroll, pistole, viole, nicole, ole, nicolle, ecole;
  3. decontrol, self-control;