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How To Spell roll?

Correct spelling: roll

Definition of roll:

  1. the act of throwing dice

List of misspellings for roll:

  • lolll,
  • perelli,
  • roile,
  • roal,
  • rtell,
  • rolle,
  • brole,
  • rols,
  • roayal,
  • rollen,
  • drole,
  • llll,
  • relliy,
  • rellay,
  • rarly,
  • you'all,
  • reodel,
  • rurla,
  • youall,
  • raviolli,
  • rooml,
  • aoll,
  • rofo,
  • crowl,
  • wohl,
  • roulty,
  • rolller,
  • holla,
  • hrllo,
  • roul,
  • roolled,
  • reelley,
  • rallyy,
  • realli,
  • rolloer,
  • sroll,
  • rreal,
  • prool,
  • rollo,
  • rughly,
  • recoll,
  • ou'll,
  • roler,
  • wrilly,
  • worul,
  • ralgh,
  • youo'll,
  • coll,
  • verall,
  • you''ll,
  • narowly,
  • riole,
  • rool,
  • rroller,
  • roilty,
  • rolor,
  • proaly,
  • droul,
  • rollow,
  • rolly,
  • realle,
  • rwill,
  • reacll,
  • rallly,
  • roleof,
  • rfull,
  • rilley,
  • lolli,
  • reall,
  • eroll,
  • youll,
  • rolfe,
  • roual,
  • rola,
  • rfill,
  • rolse,
  • holl,
  • trollie,
  • rilly,
  • rollar,
  • trell,
  • rall,
  • tolll,
  • rella,
  • wrold,
  • rallay,
  • rollor,
  • roylott,
  • rolll,
  • relly,
  • you1ll,
  • rolos,
  • ralley,
  • yollew,
  • noll,
  • rulle,
  • rollig,
  • royl,
  • royall,
  • you'lll.

What does the abbreviation roll mean?


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Quotes for roll:

  1. A more important reason is that the bands will intuitively trust someone they think is a peer, and who speaks fondly of the same formative rock and roll experiences.
  2. I'm the greatest rock and roll drummer on the planet and you suck.
  3. As I said to Ringo, I was in a successful Rock N Roll band. He was in a band that changed the world. That's the difference.
  4. I'll do a cappella stuff, rock 'n' roll and swing stuff.
  5. All they had to do was put my name on a marquee and watch the money roll in.

Rhymes for roll:

  1. thole, hole, sowle, dhole, buol, sole, coal, seoul, role, rolle, poll, droll, ohl, stroll, dole, kol, stole, goal, troll, whole, colle, skoal, shoal, mole, nole, noll, foal, cole, pole, soul, roehl, bole, wohl, sol, stol, tole, bowl, scroll, kole, pohl, nohl, rol, sohl, knoll, noell, kohl, toll, boll;
  2. extol, enroll, nicole, nicolle, pistole, cajole, parole, ole, patrol, console, viole, ecole, control, unroll;
  3. decontrol, self-control;

Translations for roll:

Arabic word for Roll


Bengali word for Roll


Chinese word for Roll


Dutch words for Roll

wikkelen, wals, oprollen, broodje, walsen, kadet.

French words for Roll

roulement, partir, rouler, enrouler, jeter, pellicule, tourner, gronder, bouger, petit pain, liasse, bobine, pan, glisser, muter, roulis.

German words for Roll

Liste, wiegen, wecken, drehen, Register, Rolle, schaukeln, ausrollen, wickeln, rollen, walzen, Walze, grollen, Brötchen, aufrollen, Wirbel, wirbeln, brausen, Rollo, Ballen, Rouleau, schlingern, Roulade, sich wälzen, kugeln, kullern, eine Rolle machen, Semmel, Schrippe, Rundstück.

Greek word for Roll


Hindi word for Roll


Italian words for Roll

bollo, rotolo.

Japanese words for Roll

ロール, 巻子本, かんすぼん, 転がり.

Korean word for Roll


Marathi word for Roll

रोल करा.

Norwegian word for Roll


Polish words for Roll

lista, rulon.

Portuguese words for Roll

jogar, jogada, enrolar, rolo, pão, rolar, carretel, rolete, pãozinho.

Russian words for Roll

рулон, рулет, свиток, качка.

Spanish words for Roll

lanzar, moverse, rol, estirar, liar, rodar, bobina, enrollar, rodillo, balanceo, tirada, panecillo, padrón, carrete, redoble, fajo, revolcarse, redoblar, retumbar, bocadillo, cilindro, rulo, bolillo.

Swedish words for Roll

roll, rulle.

Tamil word for Roll


Vietnamese word for Roll

sự lăn tròn.