How To Spell roller?

Correct spelling: roller

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What are the rhymes for roller?

  1. polar, tolar, molar, oler, moeller, soler, solar, toller, kohler, koehler, stroller;
  2. coler, bolar, bowler;
  3. controller, comptroller, bipolar;

What are the translations for roller?

Afrikaans words for Roller

vals, valse.

Arabic word for Roller


Bengali word for Roller


Chinese words for Roller

滚子, 辊筒, 滑轮, 磙, 碾砣, 滚筒.

Dutch words for Roller

wals, krulspeld.

French words for Roller

roulement, molette, roulette, cylindre, bigoudi.

German words for Roller

Rolle, Roller, Walze, Rollo, Rouleau, Zylinder, Laufrolle, Blauracke, Abzugsrolle.

Italian words for Roller

rullo, rotella, bigodino.

Japanese word for Roller


Korean word for Roller


Portuguese words for Roller

rolo, roda, rolete, enrolador.

Romanian word for Roller


Russian words for Roller

ролик, валик, дорожный каток, цилиндр.

Spanish words for Roller

atadura, bobina, rodillo, tubo, tambor, rodamiento, cilindro, rulo, ruedecilla, rulero, apisonadora, roldana.

Turkish word for Roller


Ukrainian word for Roller


Vietnamese word for Roller

trục lăn.