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How To Spell rondeau?

Correct spelling: rondeau

List of misspellings for rondeau:

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Examples of usage for rondeau:

  1. Citizen Rondeau who for the consideration of ten sous a day looked after Heriot's paltry creature- comforts, was busy tidying up the squalid apartment which the latter occupied on the top floor of a lodging- house in the Rue Cocatrice. – The League of the Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Orczy
  2. At exactly half- past seven that morning there came a peremptory knock at the door of the antichambre, and as Rondeau was busy in the bedroom, Heriot went himself to see who his unexpected visitor might be. – The League of the Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Orczy
  3. And Heriot, after another slight hesitation, ordered Rondeau to close the bedroom door. – The League of the Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Orczy

Rhymes for rondeau:

  1. chateau, so, ko, bowe, snow, joe, oh, tso, goh, ngo, loew, nau, chau, gloe, gogh, hoh, au, goe, vo, plateau, grow, lowe, floe, beaux, tho, marceau, dau, wo, margaux, truffaut, munro, row, forego, rideau, flo, papo, sloe, boe, low, whoa, beau, co, outgrow, escrow, thoreau, escoe, yoe, rouleau, tyo, poe, tow, ro, show, poh, dough, renaud, bio, stowe, sew, blow, thibault, noh, nouveau, glo, giraud, doh, koh, owe, yoh, bo, devaux, kyo, woe, cho, coe, plough, kayo, sow, tableaux, bestow, doe, bordeaux, luo, ho, loh, toe, lo, stow, tallyho, roe, loewe, glow, cloe, mow, quo, bro, chateaux, hoe, crow, gro, eau, tarot, ow, zoh, trow, throw, flow, moe, pro, o', mo, peugeot, defoe, go, loe, sgro, uno, yau, mau, slow, jo, fro, perot, turbot, cabo, cousteau, noe, foe, yo, kowtow, cro, bow, though, rowe, inco, rho, roh, so-so, below, joh, tableau, aux, gau, monroe, forgo, strow, know, hello, undergo;
  2. ago, renault, aglow, although, miro, arnault, arnaud, pernod;
  3. imo, ivo, apropos, taekwondo, overflow, eeo;
  4. celo;

Translations for rondeau:

Arabic word for Rondeau


Bengali word for Rondeau

ছন্দের পদবিশেষ.

Chinese word for Rondeau


Greek word for Rondeau


Hindi word for Rondeau


Italian word for Rondeau


Korean word for Rondeau

론 도체.

Marathi word for Rondeau


Russian word for Rondeau


Tamil word for Rondeau


Turkish word for Rondeau

iki uyaklı 10-13 dizelik şiir.

Ukrainian word for Rondeau


Vietnamese word for Rondeau

bài thơ mười hoặc mười ba câu.