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What does the abbreviation root mean?

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What are the rhymes for root?

  1. stroot, knute, butte, mute, route, boot, cute, chute, loot, hoot, coot, shoot, brut, fruit, scoot, shute, truitt, jute, huette, newt, suit, lute, flute, brute, boote, bute, moot, toot;
  2. dispute, minute, pollute, commute, acute, recruit, astute, beirut, permute, refute, impute, salute, uproot, pursuit, repute, reroute, dilute, cahoot, compute;
  3. disrepute, subacute;

What are the translations for root?

Afrikaans word for Root


Arabic word for Root


Chinese words for Root

源, 根源, 根本, 根基, 根植, 植根, 根柢, 柢.

Dutch words for Root

stam, rot, wortel, zich wortelen, wroeten, oorsprong.

French words for Root

principal, source, racine, origine, fondamentale, ancrer, fonte, enraciner, cerné, prendre racine.

German words for Root

Ursache, Grund, Stamm, Ursprung, Wurzel, wurzeln, Grundton, Nullstelle, Wurzeln schlagen, wühlen, sich bewurzeln, primordial, Rave.

Italian word for Root


Japanese words for Root

ルート, 根, 根っこ, 根底, 大根, 根方, ねかた, 根子, 附け根, ほんげん, つけ根, つけね, こんてい, ねっこ, 附根, 根っ子.

Korean word for Root


Malay word for Root


Polish word for Root


Portuguese words for Root

origem, principais, de raiz, enraizar, fundamentais, originais, primordiais, primárias.

Romanian word for Root


Russian words for Root

корневой, корень, корнеплод, укореняться, укорениться.

Spanish words for Root

raíz, esencia, radicular, arraigar, echar raíces, hozar, hocicar.

Tamil word for Root


Ukrainian word for Root


Vietnamese word for Root

rễ cây.