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How To Spell rose?

Correct spelling: rose

Definition of rose:

  1. of Rise

List of misspellings for rose:

  • frose,
  • rossery,
  • remose,
  • brouse,
  • frase,
  • frese,
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  • trouse,
  • rease,
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What does the abbreviation rose mean?


Rose as a girl's name is pronounced rohz. It is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Rose is "rose". Flower name. The name, which the Normans brought to Britain in the 11th century, can also be traced to the Old German words "hros" meaning "horse", or "hrod" meaning "fame, renown". The flower meaning is possibly more valid, given the Christian symbolic meaning of the rose. The "rosa mystica" is the Virgin Mary. An elaboration, Rosario is popular in Spain. Actress Rosario Dawson; TV talk show host Rosie O'Donnell.

Related words for rose

1968 Rose Bowl


The 1968 Rose Bowl was a college football bowl game played on January 1, 1968. It was the 54th Rose Bowl Game. The USC Trojans defeated the Indiana Hoosiers, 14–3. O. J. Simpson, the USC tailback, was named the Rose Bowl Player Of The Game.

Emily Rose


American actress

Emily Rose is an American actress. She is best known for her role in the critically acclaimed Uncharted video game series as Elena Fisher and for her lead role as Audrey Parker in the Syfy series Haven.

Kincoppal School


Private school in Sydney, Australia

Kincoppal-Rose Bay, School of the Sacred Heart, is a private, Catholic, day and boarding school predominantly for girls, located in Rose Bay, an eastern suburb of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Lionel Rose


Australian boxer

Lionel Edmund Rose MBE was an Australian bantamweight boxer, the first Indigenous Australian to win a world title. He later became the first Indigenous Australian to be named Australian of the Year.

Rose Rollins


American actress

Rose Rollins is an American actress. She is known for her role as Tasha Williams in the Showtime drama series, The L Word. In 2016, Rollins began starring as Valerie Anderson in the ABC crime drama series, The Catch.

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Rhymes for rose:

  1. pros, moes, rows, sows, mose, lows, crose, o's, jos, grows, vose, lowes, those, gose, pose, shows, ose, bows, throes, doze, slows, rohs, chose, nose, throws, joes, lo's, close, sews, goes, bose, tows, toes, blows, roes, woes, ohs, hose, beaus, pows, knows, crows, clothes, brose, bowes, flows, glows, noes, boes, froze, foes, prose, boase, snows, ngos, cose, owes, hoes;
  2. propose, disclose, dubose, forgoes, stavros, tarots, suppose, dispose, oppose, transpose, bestows, expose, plainclothes, compose, repose, foreclose, arose, impose, enclose, depose;
  3. juxtapose, decompose, presuppose, reimpose, predispose, interpose;
  4. superimpose, overexpose;

Translations for rose:

Arabic word for Rose


Bengali word for Rose


Chinese words for Rose

玫瑰, 玫, 玫瑰花, 蔷薇.

Dutch word for Rose


German words for Rose

Rose, Rosa, Röschen, Brause, Rosengewächs.

Greek word for Rose


Hindi word for Rose


Javanese word for Rose


Korean word for Rose


Malay word for Rose


Marathi word for Rose


Polish word for Rose


Romanian word for Rose


Spanish word for Rose


Swedish word for Rose


Tamil word for Rose


Ukrainian word for Rose


Vietnamese word for Rose

hoa hồng.