How To Spell rumor?

Correct spelling: rumor

What are the common typos for rumor?

  • dumor,
  • eumor,
  • fumor,
  • tumor.

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What are the usage examples for rumor?

  1. She commonly appeared on some errand from her mother, but her chief business seemed to be to share with Tonelli the modest feast of rumor and hearsay which he loved to furnish forth for her, and from which doubtless she carried back some fragments of gossip to the family apartments. – A Fearful Responsibility and Other Stories by William D. Howells
  2. Rumor had on more than one occasion coupled his name with that of some fair damsel; what if he were to say now, " Well, if you will talk, here is one worth talking about." – Prince Fortunatus by William Black
  3. Somehow, a rumor got about that the Confederates were following up the raiders. – Two Little Confederates by Thomas Nelson Page

What are the rhymes for rumor?

  1. bloomer, tumor, groomer, boomer, roomer, humor, rumer;
  2. consumer;

What are the translations for rumor?

Afrikaans word for Rumor


Bengali word for Rumor


Chinese words for Rumor

流言, 谣传, 逸话.

Dutch words for Rumor

praatje, roddel.

French words for Rumor

mare, rumeur.

German words for Rumor

Säge, Gerücht, munkeln, Gemunkel, Flüsterparole, Ondit.

Japanese words for Rumor

言伝, 讚談, さんだん, 浮名, ものいい, 憂き名, ひょうせつ, 言づて, 私語く, ささやく, 浮き名, 怪情報, つてこと, ことづて, うきな, 余聞, よろく, 讃談, 讚歎, 囁く, 評説, 風聞, 言伝て.

Javanese word for Rumor


Norwegian word for Rumor


Polish word for Rumor


Portuguese word for Rumor


Romanian word for Rumor


Spanish word for Rumor


Swedish word for Rumor


Vietnamese word for Rumor

tin đồn.