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Correct spelling: runt

Definition of runt:

  1. Any animal stunted in growth; a dwarf; a stump.

Common misspellings for runt:

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What does the abbreviation runt mean?

RUNT abbreviation definitions:
–  RRB Universityrsal RIC
–  Registro Único Nacional de Tránsito

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Quotes for runt:

  1. I was a little, skinny, runt kid, and I decided that bowling was what I was going to do in life.

Rhymes for runt:

  1. donne, mun, chun, hyun, none, ton, gun, sun, bunn, pun, lunn, brun, lun, tonne, dunne, brunn, yun, spun, run, done, bun, gunn, kun, jun, won, one, un, nun, fun, hon, hun, in, stun, shun, dunn, son, grun, dun;
  2. outrun, redone, homerun, m1, outdone, begun, undone, c1, rerun;
  3. overdone;