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Correct spelling: rut

Definition of rut:

  1. To cover in copulation.
  2. The copulation or sexual desire in deer.
  3. A wheel- track.
  4. To cut in ruts. See Route.
  5. To lust, as deer.

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Examples of usage for rut:

  1. But as he is not blinded by prejudice, nor has fastened himself to any treadmill of thought, nor caught the wheel of his soul in any deep rut of life, it would seem that if once the positive will might be born within him, he could at some time not hopelessly far distant lift his hand to the latch. – Light On The Path and Through the Gates of Gold by Mabel Collins
  2. The business man gets into a rut and often does not look beyond it. – Self Help by Samuel Smiles
  3. When they had ridden a short distance, they saw the carriage imbedded in a deep rut where, in spite of the efforts of the horses and the gardener, it remained stationary. – The Regent's Daughter by Alexandre Dumas (Pere)

Quotes for rut:

  1. A lot of artists who have a certain style are expected to more or less keep doing their style. It's so easy to get into that rut of production.
  2. You know, it was uncomfortable doing the same thing. I don't like a rut.
  3. The rut I was in with the people that I had been previously been with it took the heart right out of me.
  4. I visited those friends who'd just had a baby, and she was washing dishes and he was cleaning the house, and I burst with happiness. And in their minds, they were in this terrible domestic rut.
  5. Those movies sure got me into a rut.

Rhymes for rut:

  1. but, butt, cut, glut, gut, hut, jut, knut, mutt, nut, putt, shut, smut, strut, what, tut, utt, kut, gutt, hutt, nutt, tutt, haute;
  2. abut, rebut, somewhat, uncut;