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Spell Check of salt

Correct spelling: salt


Common misspellings for salt:

saly, sal, sald, salta, salk, slt, salet, san, salut, salat, alst, sl, salf, solt, sali, salt, salyt.

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This graph shows how "salt" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for salt:

  1. A large part of the earth is buried beneath water so salt that we cannot use it.
  2. Season them with pepper and salt.
  3. Why doesn't he get up and speak to you, if only to pour salt on the wounds you've borne for eight long years?

Quotes for salt:

  1. I have a home in Salt Lake, and I have a home in Malibu, at the beach. - Roma Downey
  2. I left Montana in Spring of 1866, for Utah, arriving at Salt Lake city during the summer. - Calamity Jane
  3. What I know about Mike Tyson, I see in the boxing ring. As far as all of the gossip stuff that I hear about him, I know first hand to take that with a grain of salt. - Gerald McRaney
  4. At sea a fellow comes out. Salt water is like wine, in that respect. - Herman Melville
  5. No man is worth his salt who is not ready at all times to risk his well -being, to risk his body, to risk his life, in a great cause. - Theodore Roosevelt

Rhymes for salt:

  1. assault, basalt, default, exalt, renault.
  2. ault, fault, galt, gault, halt, kalt, malt, sault, vault, walt.

Idioms for salt:

  1. worth your salt
  2. rub salt into wounds
  3. worth your/ its salt
  4. salt sth with sth
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