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Sande \s(a)-nde, san-de\

man's defender; man's defender, warrior
Sande as a girl's name is a variant of Alexandra (Greek) and Cassandra (Greek), and the meaning of Sande is "man's defender; man's defender, warrior".
Sanda, Sandy, Sandie, Sandye, Sandi, Sandee.

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  1. Or as the good gardiner seasons his soyle by sundrie sorts of compost: as mucke or marle, clay or sande, and many times by bloud, or lees of oyle or wine, or stale, or perchaunce with more costly drugs: and waters his plants, and weedes his herbes and floures, and prunes his branches, and vnleaues his boughes to let in the sunne: and twentie other waies cherisheth them, and cureth their infirmities, and so makes that neuer, or very seldome any of them miscarry, but bring foorth their flours and fruites in season. "The Arte of English Poesie" , George Puttenham.
  2. So Maister More called this olde aged man unto him and sayd, 'Father, ' sayd he, 'tell me if ye can what is the cause of this great arising of the sande and shelves here about this haven the which sop it up that no shippes can aride here? "England of My Heart--Spring" , Edward Hutton.
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