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How To Spell sanitation?

Correct spelling: sanitation

What are the misspellings for sanitation ?

  • situatition,
  • sanatation,
  • siituation,
  • suituition,
  • sanitations,
  • genertation,
  • sistuation,
  • sanitzing,
  • situatsion,
  • penetation,
  • sisituation,
  • stituation,
  • visistation,
  • penertation,
  • stutation,
  • sinsation,
  • senstation,
  • sepatation,
  • sanitaition,
  • sanitiation,
  • cantation,
  • sistation,
  • genetation,
  • initution,
  • desintation,
  • situantion,
  • suitition,
  • sonnication,
  • sansation,
  • santition,
  • sophitcation,
  • startvation,
  • situatution,
  • sondition,
  • sistution,
  • oirnetation,
  • sanitisation,
  • sanatization,
  • penetartion,
  • cindition,
  • santitation,
  • suituation,
  • sitatution,
  • situtuation,
  • situitation,
  • synopticon,
  • stitation,
  • unitartian,
  • sistutation,
  • suitution,
  • situatation,
  • situatuation,
  • separtation,
  • penertartion,
  • sanitaton,
  • santation,
  • desensitation,
  • sanitising,
  • sentation,
  • samitation,
  • situtition,
  • statation,
  • santitaion,
  • sititution,
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  • fasincation,
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  • suitation,
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  • sanitaiton,
  • sancation,
  • pessontasion,
  • fasanation,
  • initation,
  • situtation,
  • sentastion,
  • saitation,
  • septation,
  • statition,
  • sitiutation,
  • unitatian,
  • solitation,
  • tentation,
  • puntuation,
  • intation,
  • resentation,
  • ssituation,
  • sistuition,
  • conitation,
  • sititation,
  • sanitaion,
  • pesentation,
  • sendation,
  • santion,
  • satation,
  • acentuation,
  • sinstion.

What is the definition of sanitation?

  1. the state of being clean and conducive to health

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What are the quotes for sanitation?

  1. Child welfare ought really to cover all sorts of topics, such as better water and sanitation and good roads, and clean streets and public parks and playgrounds.
  2. My suggestion is that we should first work to ensure the Third World has clean drinking water and sanitation.
  3. The obvious issue is providing clean drinking water and sanitation to every single human being on earth at the cost of little more than one year of the Kyoto treaty.

What are the rhymes for sanitation?

  1. edification, croatian, christianization, protestation, securitization, exhortation, fixation, consecration, vaporization, realization, reinvigoration, exfoliation, communization, disinflation, recitation, altercation, recantation, combination, capitulation, victimization, misinformation, dispensation, corporation, equalization, stagflation, nullification, solicitation, valuation, reunification, palpitation, diversification, deification, criminalization, degradation, amplification, liberation, repatriation, indexation, decertification, commendation, immigration, indignation, disintegration, explanation, sequestration, disinclination, convocation, compensation, fabrication, nationalization, consummation, insulation, impersonation, elimination, depreciation, modernization, computation, justification, dalmatian, mutilation, equivocation, industrialization, authorization, civilization, radiation, avocation, reputation, equitation, collectivization, dictation, ossification, regimentation, violation, incantation, personification, decoration, gradation, decentralization, impregnation, conflagration, constipation, identification, approbation, alteration, masturbation, categorization, celebration, hospitalization, revelation, ejaculation, affectation, aggravation, commercialization, deformation, instrumentation, fortification, meditation, irradiation, naturalization, emigration, permutation, reforestation, maturation, approximation, amortization, remuneration, denationalization, cremation, exacerbation, precipitation, privatization, redecoration, education, sarmatian, confederation, colonization, amputation, narration, magnification, fascination, obfuscation, coagulation, inoculation, ordination, retardation, fluoridation, saponification, incorporation, liberalization, democratization, validation, intoxication, animation, authentication, electrification, simulation, segregation, desolation, vacillation, configuration, demodulation, limitation, expiration, formation, cogitation, hybridization, hesitation, saturation, misappropriation, fumigation, adoration, verification, temptation, dislocation, disinformation, elaboration, evacuation, condensation, evaluation, invitation, gratification, adjudication, menstruation, dilation, perforation, assassination, molestation, rehydration, jubilation, delineation, motivation, mummification, navigation, coloration, dissertation, expropriation, emancipation, crustacean, devaluation, adulation, toleration, transformation, concentration, rationalization, ministration, misapplication, demarcation, localization, germination, documentation, reclassification, restoration, translation, vocation, conciliation, recuperation, procreation, manifestation, elevation, reevaluation, miniaturization, contemplation, titillation, indication, separation, graduation, recertification, fluctuation, confirmation, proliferation, representation, negotiation, renegotiation, constellation, exasperation, strangulation, specification, dehydration, exhumation, facilitation, gyration, misinterpretation, privation, destabilization, flirtation, defamation, exhalation, prostration, accumulation, gravitation, destination, declaration, profanation, interpretation, collaboration, demoralization, proration, inauguration, nondiscrimination, hallucination, aviation, filtration, evaporation, qualification, remediation, perspiration, deceleration, characterization, detoxification, annihilation, dehumanization, renunciation, incrimination, quotation, procrastination, amelioration, commemoration, association, infiltration, horatian, inundation, reverberation, legalization, anticipation, irritation, fragmentation, incarnation, duplication, pagination, cohabitation, calculation, cooperation, retaliation, quantification, stipulation, admiration, starvation, orchestration, expatriation, refutation, recommendation, politicization, affirmation, centralization, oscillation, ionization, libration, corp, orientation, arbitration, reconciliation, continuation, origination, obligation, creation, demobilization, predestination, consternation, pontification, certification, medication, mobilization, clarification, regeneration, invocation, confrontation, annotation, vulgarization, alleviation, congregation, glorification, overpopulation, machination, discoloration, resuscitation, hydration, manipulation, hibernation, dramatization, popularization, socialization, inclination, estimation, deliberation, notification, preservation, complication, sterilization, dedication, consolation, inflation, initiation, imitation, importation, marginalization, monopolization, multiplication, dissociation, implication, allegation, proclamation, consolidation, inhabitation, normalization, deflation, computerization, invalidation, eradication, cultivation, optation, vaccination, implantation, desegregation, stimulation, differentiation, amalgamation, sanctification, infatuation, desiccation, gestation, reservation, argumentation, vindication, aspiration, gentrification, innovation, telecommunication, misrepresentation, probation, syndication, reconfirmation, expectation, pasteurization, regulation, connotation, miscommunication, utilization, deregulation, nucleation, purification, presentation, flotation, subordination, devastation, application, substantiation, discontinuation, explication, desalinization, termination, consideration, laceration, pacification, delegation, hyperinflation, lubrication, relation, incrustation, ventilation, lactation, agglomeration, vilification, bifurcation, assimilation, instigation, donation, habitation, miseration, confabulation, optimization, overvaluation, appreciation, fibrillation, demonization, pollination, reiteration, situation, escalation, gasification, nomination, incarceration, respiration, emulation, location, nitration, litigation, inactivation, fertilization, decontamination, granulation, magnetization, revocation, russification, ostentation, imputation, inhalation, legislation, suburbanization, balkanization, modulation, registration, disembarkation, derivation, advocation, mutation, reorganization, disputation, moderation, elongation, misidentification, perpetuation, speculation, publication, depravation, resignation, visitation, affrication, subluxation, preoccupation, taxation, damnation, appellation, articulation, revitalization, disqualification, elation, rejuvenation, stalinization, excommunication, prognostication, exploration, perturbation, federation, backwardation, appalachian, gastrulation, ovation, ratification, oration, domestication, confiscation, malformation, alienation, personalization, reflation, experimentation, reclamation, coronation, formulation, foundation, conglomeration, reauthorization, organisation, renovation, propagation, inflammation, tabulation, recrimination, indoctrination, generalization, appropriation, organization, urbanization, compilation, exoneration, deforestation, segmentation, desecration, westernization, incoordination, irrigation, premeditation, sedimentation, ornamentation, automation, pigmentation, correlation, incapacitation, duration, relaxation, recalculation, deprivation, desperation, reallocation, infestation, oxidation, sedation, usurpation, information, sensation, standardization, modification, figuration, ramification, embarkation, suffocation, renomination, refrigeration, insemination, conjugation, decapitation, plantation, polarization, desalination, insinuation, illustration, imagination, revaluation, stabilization, ligation, communication, deviation, depopulation, replication, vegetation, designation, reincarnation, hydrogenation, unification, self-congratulation, excavation, recreation, interrogation, reaffirmation, rotation, annexation, allocation, emanation, simplification, investigation, mineralization, pronunciation, installation, population, visualization, mitigation, relocation, codification, indemnification, exploitation, summation, punctuation, prefabrication, determination, humiliation, rectification, illumination, undervaluation, ovulation, extrapolation, maximization, dissipation, occupation, conversation, reconfiguration, exhilaration, notation, implementation, nonproliferation, unionization, calibration, domination, denomination, reinterpretation, globalization, cancellation, neutralization, mechanization, extermination, repudiation, variation, observation, inspiration, condemnation, affiliation, exaggeration, participation, levitation, augmentation, classification, intensification, reconsideration, sophistication, transplantation, generation, conservation, specialization, indentation, rededication, rehabilitation, consultation, echolocation, dissemination, foliation, operation, disorganization, culmination, divination, intonation, intimidation, concatenation, agitation, vacation, examination, trepidation, rumination, migration, reaffiliation, reparation, subsidization, distillation, disorientation, pressurization, falsification, denunciation, glaciation, detonation, fermentation, reexamination, privatisation, tribulation, triangulation, evocation, deportation, insubordination, mediation, immunization, reformation, harmonization, frustration, transportation, excitation, adaptation, stagnation, congratulation, exclamation, coordination, integration, intimation, salvation, discrimination, dilatation, enumeration, liquidation, vibration, degeneration, contamination, miscreation, transillumination, negation, corroboration, isolation, demonstration, depredation, incubation, preparation, miscalculation, improvisation, provocation;
  2. nation, haitian, station, ration;
  3. castration, alsatian, carnation, cetacean, causation, citation, cessation;
  4. activation, abdication, acclimation, accusation, aberration, abrogation;
  5. abomination, accommodation, accreditation, acceleration, abbreviation;
  6. alphabetization, acidification, cannibalization, capitalization;
  7. decriminalization, americanization, antidiscrimination, demilitarization;
  8. internationalization, institutionalization;

What are the translations for sanitation?

Afrikaans word for Sanitation


Arabic word for Sanitation

الصرف الصحي.

Bengali word for Sanitation


Chinese word for Sanitation

> 公共卫生.

French words for Sanitation

assainissement, sanitaire, nettoyage, désinfection, système sanitaire, stérilisation.

German words for Sanitation

Sanierung, Hygiene, Gesundheitspflege, Kanalisation, sanitäre Einrichtungen, Sanitäreinrichtungen, sanitäre Anlagen, Abwassersystem.

Greek word for Sanitation


Italian word for Sanitation

condizioni sanitarie.

Javanese word for Sanitation


Korean word for Sanitation

위생 시설.

Polish word for Sanitation


Portuguese word for Sanitation


Romanian word for Sanitation


Russian word for Sanitation


Spanish words for Sanitation

saneamiento, higiene, higienización, servicios sanitarios.

Swedish word for Sanitation


Turkish word for Sanitation


Ukrainian word for Sanitation


Vietnamese word for Sanitation

vệ sinh môi trường.