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How To Spell savant?

Correct spelling: savant

Definition of savant:

  1. A man of science or learning.

List of misspellings for savant:

  • sarfaina,
  • sevnty,
  • havant,
  • sufisiant,
  • sevnth,
  • suffienct,
  • savnnah,
  • seargant,
  • savonaroa,
  • sanat,
  • serphant,
  • suffivient,
  • safeand,
  • serveant,
  • sovrienty,
  • sovergnity,
  • savana,
  • suficant,
  • havent't,
  • deservant,
  • seravnt,
  • sovernity,
  • selant,
  • hvaen't,
  • servanthood,
  • havnt,
  • soveignty,
  • seant,
  • raven't,
  • sargant,
  • snaphot,
  • haevn't,
  • sivonda,
  • avent,
  • srevant,
  • servient,
  • suficiant,
  • savahna,
  • savanas,
  • saninty,
  • savind,
  • sychophant,
  • suffciant,
  • savarity,
  • sefficiant,
  • sevant,
  • covant,
  • havent,
  • sovent,
  • sarjent,
  • sovernigty,
  • secvond,
  • thathaven't,
  • havernt,
  • solvant,
  • sovjet,
  • savannh,
  • savanah,
  • serviant,
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  • sargaent,
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  • savanaha,
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  • savin,
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  • evant,
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  • pavent,
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  • haveent,
  • sevent,
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  • survant,
  • samanta,
  • faaint,
  • sufishant,
  • speant,
  • stagant,
  • salvent,
  • avandia,
  • sevcenty.

What does the abbreviation savant mean?

Related words for savant

Nicolas Savant-Aira


Nicolas Savant-Aira is a French wheelchair table tennis player competing in Class 5. He is currently playing for French club Olimpique Hyerois.

Psycho Savant


Studio album by Intruder

"Psycho Savant" is the third and final studio album by the metal band, Intruder. Released in June, 1991, on Metal Blade and Warner Brothers Records. The album moved toward slower tempos and longer songs. It was also their only album Tom Harding did not produce. "N.G.R.I." stands for "Not Guilty for Reason of Insanity." In the song "Geri's Lament", the word 'Geri's' is short for 'geriatrics'. The song deals with the abuse of the elderly at senior care living facilities. The song was lauded for spreading awareness on a then relatively unknown problem.

Savant Investment Group



The Savant Investment Group, LLC is an independent, fee-only wealth management advisory group. Headquartered in Oakland, California, the company has 12 employees. In 2006, the company exceeded $1,000,000,000 in managed assets. Former names: Savant Russell, Burkhart Pension, The Savant Group, Savant Advisors

Savant Lake (Sturgeon Lake) Water Aerodrome



Savant Lake (Sturgeon Lake) Water Aerodrome, is located 3.5 nautical miles southeast of Savant Lake, Thunder Bay District, Ontario, Canada.

Savant Young


American mixed martial artist

Trenell "Savant" Young is an American professional mixed martial artist.

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Rhymes for savant:

  1. fount, mont, pont, want, font, ponte;
  2. detente, lamont, vermont, avant, croissant, lamonte, l'enfant, dumont;
  3. commandant, nonchalant;

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