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How To Spell savoy?

Correct spelling: savoy

Definition of savoy:

  1. A variety of the common cabbage (Brassica oleracea major), having curled leaves, - much cultivated for winter use.

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Savoy as a boy's name. Place name: an area of France next to Switzerland. There was a kingdom a Savoy whose descendants are the rulers of Italy. In the 13th century, Peter of Savoy built a magnificent palace in London, giving this name its associations with luxury.

Related words for savoy

Adelaide of Savoy, Duchess of Swabia


Adelaide of Savoy, a member of the Burgundian House of Savoy, was Duchess of Swabia from about 1062 until 1079 by her marriage with Rudolf of Rheinfelden, who also was elected German anti-king in 1077.

Andy Savoy


Canadian Politician

Andy Savoy, is a Canadian politician and engineer.

Savoy Independent School District


School district

Savoy Independent School District is a public school district based in Savoy, Texas. In 2010, the school had approximately 320 students.

Sharon Savoy



Sharon Savoy is an American dancer, choreographer and author. Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, she began studying dance at the North Carolina School of the Arts at age 15, and later moved to New York City to attend the School of American Ballet until the age of 19.

William of Savoy


Thomas, Count of Savoy's son

William of Savoy was a bishop from the House of Savoy. He was a son of Thomas, Count of Savoy and Margaret of Geneva. He was elected bishop of Valence in 1224. He negotiated the weddings of queens, and was an advisor to Henry III of England.

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Quotes for savoy:

  1. We used to play the Savoy Ballroom, and we always had a boogie tune in the set. Bands like Tommy Dorsey used to do a little boogie woogie. The big bands.
  2. I was a big J. Geils fan, a Steppenwolf fan and a Savoy Brown fan.

Rhymes for savoy:

  1. toy, floy, joy, ploy, coye, roy, moy, loy, coy, doi, roi, croy, hoy, joye, yoy, hoi, woy, goy, oye, boy, oi, foy, neu, oy, cloy, stoy, oie, soy, troy;
  2. destroy, bolshoi, malloy, enjoy, decoy, mccoy, elroy, employ, annoy, deploy;
  3. illinois, redeploy;

Translations for savoy:

Arabic word for Savoy


Bengali word for Savoy

স্যাভয় মিলে.

Chinese word for Savoy


German word for Savoy


Greek word for Savoy


Hindi word for Savoy


Italian word for Savoy

cavolo verzotto.

Japanese word for Savoy


Korean word for Savoy


Marathi word for Savoy

एक जातीचा कोबी च्या वर.

Russian word for Savoy


Spanish words for Savoy

Savoie, saboya.

Swedish word for Savoy


Tamil word for Savoy


Ukrainian word for Savoy


Vietnamese word for Savoy

cải Savoy.