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What are the rhymes for scale?

  1. calle, grail, quale, frail, bale, daile, gayle, stale, pale, vaile, maile, they'll, dale, bail, veil, dail, raile, jail, cale, mail, gale, tail, quail, tale, nail, rael, trail, balle, shale, hail, sail, salle, zale, wale, gael, hale, dayle, male, kale, fail, crail, yale, braille, kael, kail, cail, ale, nale, sale, vale, pail, haile, snail, rail, wail, ail, gaile, reil, vail, gail, whale, flail;
  2. gorrell, travail, dorrell, bewail, impale, verrell, mikael, tirrell, prevail, assail, jerrell, marcell, mikhail, surveil, exhale, inhale, lavell, levell, capell, carvell, cadell, carrell, curtail, jarrell, unveil, entail, detail, ancell, avail, derail, cardell;
  3. avenell, averell, deverell;

What are the translations for scale?

Afrikaans word for Scale


Bengali word for Scale


Chinese word for Scale


Dutch words for Scale

schaal, omvang, scala, weegschaal, beklimmen, afbikken, aanslag, schaalgrootte, toonladder, schaalverdeling, meetschaal.

French words for Scale

gamme, échelle, ampleur, envergure, barème, volume, écaille, degré, escalader, écailler, importance, graduation, grille, grimper, gravir, mettre à l'échelle, tartre, dépôt calcaire.

German words for Scale

Umfang, Bandbreite, Reichweite, Tabelle, Skala, anpassen, Maßstab, Dimension, skalieren, wiegen, erklimmen, sich schuppen, erklettern, Balance, Mensur, Waage, Tonleiter, Skalierung, Zunder, Waagschale, Kesselstein, Staffel, Maßeinteilung, Kesselsteine, Schuppe, Brennzunder, Tongeschlecht, Gradeinteilung, dimensionieren, staffeln, Schuppen entfernen, ersteigen, normieren, Magnitude, Schub, Taille.

Greek word for Scale


Hindi word for Scale


Japanese words for Scale

スケール, 規模, 尺度, 目盛, 目盛り, 計量器, バーニア, 攀じ登る, けいりょうき, 攀じ上る, よじ登る, 攀じる, 衡器, しゃくど, よじ上る, めもり, よじのぼる, 位取る, くらいどる.

Javanese word for Scale


Korean word for Scale


Marathi word for Scale


Norwegian word for Scale


Polish words for Scale

zakres, waga.

Portuguese words for Scale

tabela, balança, importância, escamar, representar em escala.

Romanian word for Scale


Russian words for Scale

масштаб, шкала, накипь, чешуя.

Spanish words for Scale

subir, alcance, gama, envergadura, balanza, magnitud, escala, báscula, escama, escalar, amplitud, sarro, baremo, dimensiones.

Turkish word for Scale


Ukrainian word for Scale