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How To Spell scale?

Correct spelling: scale

List of misspellings for scale:

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What does the abbreviation scale mean?

Related words for scale

1:500 scale



1:500 scale is a scale mainly used by Europeans for pre-finished die-cast airliner models, such as German manufacturer Herpa. This scale is also used by Japanese model kit manufacturer Bandai, Nichimo Company Ltd. and Fujimi Mokei for ship and Sci-Fiction model kits.

Big Scale Racing


Video game

Big Scale Racing is a 2002 racing video game by BumbleBeast.

John Scale


Lieutenant Colonel John Dymoke Scale DSO, OBE was a MI6 agent, originally from Merthyr Tydfil in Glamorgan. He was involved in a British propaganda unit called the Anglo-Russian Commission in St Petersburg, where his responsibilities included running Mohammed Beck Hadjetlaché.

Power Scale


Album by Iceman

Power Scale is the first album released by Japanese pop rock trio Iceman on March 26, 1997.



Album by DJ Paul

Scale-a-Ton is the second solo album by Three 6 Mafia member DJ Paul. It was released May 5, 2009. The album debuted at number 157 on the Billboard charts, selling 4,000 copies in its first week of sales. As of September 2011, the sales are 200,000.

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Quotes for scale:

  1. These are the multinationals, like General Motors and Nestle; these are the big industrial groups that weigh, on the monetary scale, much more than big countries like Egypt.
  2. Today's restaurant is theater on a grand scale.
  3. And I think it's a prudent, responsible way, given the scale of the emergency, the scale of the damage still facing America, that we finance these additional support for the unemployed as well as the support for small business. We think there's a good case for doing it now. We want to do it in an overall fiscally responsible way.
  4. Suprisingly, one of the most complex pieces of code is the code to determine where a note is in the staff. Finale stores notes as relative scale positions in the current key.
  5. The president's very right about one thing: When you have a disaster of that scale, whether it be natural or a terrorist attack, there's only one part of our entire government, state or local, that is equipped to handle it, and that's the U. S. military.

Rhymes for scale:

  1. calle, grail, quale, frail, bale, daile, gayle, stale, pale, vaile, maile, they'll, dale, bail, veil, dail, raile, jail, cale, mail, gale, tail, quail, tale, nail, rael, trail, balle, shale, hail, sail, salle, zale, wale, gael, hale, dayle, male, kale, fail, crail, yale, braille, kael, kail, cail, ale, nale, sale, vale, pail, haile, snail, rail, wail, ail, gaile, reil, vail, gail, whale, flail;
  2. gorrell, travail, dorrell, bewail, impale, verrell, mikael, tirrell, prevail, assail, jerrell, marcell, mikhail, surveil, exhale, inhale, lavell, levell, capell, carvell, cadell, carrell, curtail, jarrell, unveil, entail, detail, ancell, avail, derail, cardell;
  3. avenell, averell, deverell;

Translations for scale:

Afrikaans word for Scale


Bengali word for Scale


Chinese word for Scale


Dutch words for Scale

schaal, omvang, scala, weegschaal, beklimmen, afbikken, aanslag, schaalgrootte, toonladder, schaalverdeling, meetschaal.

French words for Scale

gamme, échelle, ampleur, envergure, barème, volume, écaille, degré, escalader, écailler, importance, graduation, grille, grimper, gravir, mettre à l'échelle, tartre, dépôt calcaire.

German words for Scale

Umfang, Bandbreite, Reichweite, Tabelle, Skala, anpassen, Maßstab, Dimension, skalieren, wiegen, erklimmen, sich schuppen, erklettern, Balance, Mensur, Waage, Tonleiter, Skalierung, Zunder, Waagschale, Kesselstein, Staffel, Maßeinteilung, Kesselsteine, Schuppe, Brennzunder, Tongeschlecht, Gradeinteilung, dimensionieren, staffeln, Schuppen entfernen, ersteigen, normieren, Magnitude, Schub, Taille.

Greek word for Scale


Hindi word for Scale


Japanese words for Scale

スケール, 規模, 尺度, 目盛, 目盛り, 計量器, バーニア, 攀じ登る, けいりょうき, 攀じ上る, よじ登る, 攀じる, 衡器, しゃくど, よじ上る, めもり, よじのぼる, 位取る, くらいどる.

Javanese word for Scale


Korean word for Scale


Marathi word for Scale


Norwegian word for Scale


Polish words for Scale

zakres, waga.

Portuguese words for Scale

tabela, balança, importância, escamar, representar em escala.

Romanian word for Scale


Russian words for Scale

масштаб, шкала, накипь, чешуя.

Spanish words for Scale

subir, alcance, gama, envergadura, balanza, magnitud, escala, báscula, escama, escalar, amplitud, sarro, baremo, dimensiones.

Turkish word for Scale


Ukrainian word for Scale