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How To Spell scholar?

Correct spelling: scholar

Definition of scholar:

  1. a student who holds a scholarship

List of misspellings for scholar:

  • schooo,
  • schcool,
  • schoefer,
  • aschool,
  • scoller,
  • scholary,
  • perschooler,
  • skylar,
  • schocker,
  • schuele,
  • schelue,
  • schoool,
  • cschool,
  • sycopal,
  • schegloff,
  • toschool,
  • schooh,
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  • scooba,
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  • schegual,
  • nschool,
  • scoial,
  • highschool,
  • schudal,
  • schule,
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  • scoool,
  • schol,
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  • wschool,
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  • schoolof,
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  • scholor,
  • scolar.

Related words for scholar

Edward O'Reilly



Edward O'Reilly was an Irish scholar in the first half of the 19th century.

Herbert Berg


Herbert Berg, a scholar of religion, was trained at the University of Toronto's Centre for the Study of Religion in the late 1980s and early 1990s; he is a Professor in the Department of Philosophy and Religion, at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and is the Director of the International Studies program.

John H. Brown


John H. Brown is a Senior Fellow at USC Center on Public Diplomacy where he regularly publishes the Public Diplomacy Press Review.

Joshua Berman



Joshua Berman is a Professor of Bible at Bar-Ilan University. Berman earned his A.B. at Princeton University in 1987 and his PhD at Bar-Ilan in 2002.

William G. Doty



William G. Doty was a religious studies scholar. The Oxford Companion to World Mythology credits him with providing "the most comprehensive and definitive study of the primary intellectual currents in the study of myths" in his book Mythography: The Study of Myths and Rituals.

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Quotes for scholar:

  1. It has been the acknowledged right of every Marxist scholar to read into Marx the particular meaning that he himself prefers and to treat all others with indignation.
  2. The very concept of history implies the scholar and the reader. Without a generation of civilized people to study history, to preserve its records, to absorb its lessons and relate them to its own problems, history, too, would lose its meaning.
  3. A good writer is basically a story teller, not a scholar or a redeemer of mankind.
  4. I'm a good scholar when it comes to reading but a blotting kind of writer when you give me a pen.
  5. Each day is the scholar of yesterday.

Rhymes for scholar:

  1. lollar, holler, olear, squalor, collar, dollar, mahler;

Translations for scholar:

Chinese words for Scholar

大方, 学家, 文士, 儒, 文人, 秀才, 士人, 学子.

Dutch words for Scholar

deskundige, onderzoeker, wetenschapper, geleerde, geletterde, academicus, wetenschapster, onderzoekster, wetenschapsman.

French words for Scholar

érudit, savant, étudiant, scolaire, expert, clerc, boursier, intellectuel, connaisseur, chercheur-boursier, écolier.

German words for Scholar

Stipendiat, Professor, Wissenschaftler, Gelehrter, Gelehrte, Stipendiatin, Wissenschaftlerin, Scholar, Geisteswissenschaftler.

Hindi word for Scholar


Italian word for Scholar


Javanese word for Scholar


Polish words for Scholar

badacz, uczony, naukowiec.

Portuguese words for Scholar

sábio, estudante, estudioso, intelectual, escolar, escolares, estudiosa, acadêmica, erudita.

Russian words for Scholar

учёный, исследователь, филолог, стипендиат.

Spanish words for Scholar

experto, estudiante, becario, entendido, erudito, académico, investigador, alumno, letrado, letrada, becaria.

Turkish word for Scholar


Vietnamese word for Scholar

học giả.