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How To Spell school?

Correct spelling: school

Definition of school:

  1. a building where young people receive education; "the school was built in 1932"; "he walked to school every morning"

List of misspellings for school:

  • scoil,
  • socaial,
  • schecual,
  • scooba,
  • sacthel,
  • scchool,
  • scholorly,
  • schooo,
  • scheual,
  • 3schools,
  • hischool,
  • eschool,
  • socicl,
  • toschool,
  • schoois,
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  • schegloff,
  • schoools.

What does the abbreviation school mean?

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Quotes for school:

  1. School is practice for future life, practice makes perfect and nobodys perfect, so why practice?
  2. I never graduated high school; they had to change the Ivy League rules. During my tenure at Brown, I helped them become the number one Ivy League school.
  3. One can make a case that says that since 85% of children being brought up in single family homes are being brought up by women that about 85% of elementary school teachers should be males to balance out the feminization that the boys and girls receive.
  4. There's definitely an old school element to my music, but I also think it's modern.
  5. I do find myself at the moment, due to the success of School of Rock, to be on people's radar a little.

Rhymes for school:

  1. rule, stool, yule, poul, raul, juel, spruill, boule, buel, ruel, buhl, who'll, joule, spool, reule, fool, mule, drool, thule, boole, poole, you'll, tool, kool, pool, cool, luelle, jule;
  2. o'toole, retool, dual, uncool, misrule, fuel, abdul, home-school, preschool, raoul, nepool, cruel;
  3. istanbul, supercool;

Translations for school:

Afrikaans word for School


Arabic word for School


Bengali word for School


Chinese words for School

校, 学校, 该校, 就学.

Dutch words for School

school, opleiding, instituut, faculteit, leerschool.

French words for School

former, scolaire, dresser, école, doctrine, scolaires, établissement scolaire, scolarisés, scolariser.

German words for School

Gruppe, Fachbereich, Schwarm, Unterricht, tadeln, Institut, erziehen, schulen, lehren, Schule, schulisch, Schulgebäude, Schulhaus, Lehranstalt, Penne.

Greek word for School


Hindi word for School


Italian words for School

educativo, scuola, istituto, scolastico.

Japanese words for School

学校, スクール, 校, 学派, 派, がっこう, 学び舎, 庠序, 学窓, 庠, がくは, まなびのにわ, まなびや, 學校, 学問所, 学びの庭, 学舎, がくもんじょ.

Javanese word for School


Korean word for School


Norwegian word for School


Polish word for School


Portuguese words for School

faculdade, treinar, colégio, escola, ensinar, escolar, letivo, escolares, educacional, escolarizado, cardume, educandário, da escola, lectivo, escolástica.

Romanian word for School


Russian words for School

школа, школьный.

Spanish words for School

educar, universidad, colegio, escuela, instituto, banco, academia, secundaria, facultad, centro de enseñanza, centro educativo, cole.

Swedish word for School


Tamil word for School


Turkish word for School


Ukrainian word for School


Vietnamese word for School

trường học.