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Correct spelling: scratch


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This graph shows how "scratch" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for scratch:

  1. I will not scratch.
  2. And safe in the hollow of the old fence- post, Danny Meadow Mouse was dressing the scratch on his leg made by the claws of old Granny Fox.
  3. " Only a scratch, but I nearly broke my shoulder when I fell," answered the man.

Quotes for scratch:

  1. I will never be able to create a budget from scratch with the amount of time that I have, but my instructions remain the same: Give me a budget that has no new revenue. - Christine Gregoire
  2. My first course came and I put down my book, and I just happened to put up my hand to scratch my head and discovered that my toupee had been blown by the wind and was folded over backwards on the top of my head! - Derek Jacobi
  3. Sometimes my boyfriend would write the lyrics and I would write the melody, and other times I would start from scratch. Or sometimes I would take a local poem and put that to music. - Carly Simon
  4. Humor results when society says you can't scratch certain things in public, but they itch in public. - Tom Walsh
  5. Scratch the Christian and you find the pagan- spoiled. - Israel Zangwill

Rhymes for scratch:

  1. attach, detach, dispatch, mismatch, rematch.
  2. bache, batch, brach, catch, drach, gatch, hach, hatch, kach, lach, lache, latch, mache, match, patch, rach, snatch, thatch.
  3. overmatch, reattach.

Idioms for scratch:

  1. up to scratch
  2. like tryin' to scratch your ear with your elbow
  3. start from scratch
  4. scratch about
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