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How To Spell screen?

Correct spelling: screen

What are the misspellings for screen ?

  • screwgun,
  • rescreen,
  • scrreen,
  • screeens,
  • scrence,
  • screenshow,
  • sjaron,
  • scranner,
  • csreen,
  • schene,
  • screned,
  • xcrye,
  • surgeron,
  • serean,
  • cecremony,
  • selecrion,
  • screenie,
  • screnes,
  • screean,
  • screem,
  • scruteny,
  • scnery,
  • screan,
  • scnene,
  • viewscreen,
  • secureing,
  • homescreen,
  • creen,
  • scrawnny,
  • widscreen,
  • sreen,
  • cscreen,
  • scrfeen,
  • skrink,
  • screeing,
  • telescreen,
  • sccreen,
  • screenign,
  • suregon,
  • surroun,
  • screenname,
  • skriek,
  • surgen,
  • souyjen,
  • sirene,
  • sergen,
  • bigscreen,
  • screet,
  • screenin,
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  • scrue,
  • fullscreen,
  • scret,
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  • screensaver,
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  • screen1000,
  • sceeen,
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  • bluescreen,
  • scrore,
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  • scrathey,
  • scarece,
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  • sgreens,
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  • scruinty,
  • gycerin,
  • sureon.

What is the definition of screen?

  1. something that keeps things out or hinders sight; "they had just moved in and had not put up blinds yet"

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This graph shows how "screen" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the quotes for screen?

  1. Ensure that your script is watertight. If it's not on the page, it will never magically appear on the screen.
  2. The reason I use ed is that I don't want to lose what's on the screen.
  3. I have played Dracula a thousand times on stage and I find I have become thoroughly settled in the technique of the stage and not of the screen.
  4. You'd have to have one hell of an imagination to completely make up a story, but historians are very anal about what they think should be portrayed on screen. Thankfully they don't make movies; we do.
  5. Of all the stars whom I worked with, I think Steve knew better what worked for him on the screen than any other. He had such a sense of what he could register, and that helped a lot in terms of shaping the character and the script.

What are the rhymes for screen?

  1. lean, keen, steen, lien, kean, glean, deane, plein, green, frean, gean, mien, bean, meine, scene, treen, sheen, lene, freen, jean, wien, jeane, seen, mean, wein, teen, gene, jeanne, deen, dean, haen, nene, keane, breen, mclean, leen, keene, greene, preen, queen, spleen, clean, cian, skene, wean;
  2. racine, sardine, slovene, coleen, eileen, salin, irene, arleen, ardeen, latrine, joaquin, levine, moreen, fourteen, janine, canteen, philene, nadine, eugene, convene, jolene, ireene, celine, moline, cathleen, lorene, ravine, helene, charleen, between, seguin, nineteen, thirteen, casein, maxine, fifteen, martine, laureen, charlene, wileen, kristine, justine, eighteen, foreseen, aldin, christine, preteen, agin, sharleen, laurene, noreen, marleene, sixteen, colleen, unclean, lurleen, serene, saline, clymene, marleen, corinne, ameen, deneen, carleen, georgine, shirleen, francine, jeanine, medin, caffeine, kathleen, sunscreen, charline, claudine, unseen, cuisine, chretien, umpteen, amin, sabine, lamine, baleen, vaccine, killeen, machine, aileen, obscene, aleen, maureen, selene, myrlene, marine, citrine, sistine, pauline, crimean, benzene, doreen, onscreen, marcin, sarene, feldene, careen, demean, alene;
  3. propylene, augustin, seventeen, bernadine, tambourine, wolverine, madelene, submarine, valentin, unforeseen, figurine, trampoline, gelatine, hallowe'en, reconvene, intervene, benyamin, tangerine, geraldine, smithereen, halloween;
  4. mujahideen, aquamarine, mujahedeen;

What are the translations for screen?

Afrikaans word for Screen


Chinese words for Screen

屏幕, 荧幕, 屏幕上, 屏风, 布幕, 放映, 甄别, 幨.

Dutch words for Screen

beeldscherm, scherm, vliegengaas.

French words for Screen

écran, examiner, filtrer, diffuser, masquer, déverminer, tamis, moustiquaire, passer au crible, rideau.

German words for Screen

zeigen, verdecken, Monitor, Bildschirm, Raster, Blende, Tarnung, Leinwand, filtern, abschirmen, sieben, Schirm, Fenster, Abschirmung, Sieb, Bildfläche, Paravent, Filmleinwand, Schutzschirm, Wandschirm, Sichtblende, Gittersieb, Zwischenwand, durchleuchten, rastern, durchsieben.

Hindi word for Screen


Italian words for Screen

schermata, schermo.

Japanese word for Screen


Javanese word for Screen


Korean word for Screen


Malay word for Screen


Marathi word for Screen


Norwegian word for Screen


Polish words for Screen

ekran, parawan.

Portuguese words for Screen

visor, exibir, avaliar, selecionar, ecrã, vídeo, janela, peneira, anteparo.

Russian word for Screen


Spanish words for Screen

examinar, pantalla, investigar, emitir, tapar, ocultar, proyectar, filtrar, rejilla, cortina, biombo, filmar, tamiz, mampara, filtro, mosquitero.

Swedish word for Screen


Turkish word for Screen