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Correct spelling: screen

Common misspellings for screen:

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Quotes for screen:

  1. Ensure that your script is watertight. If it's not on the page, it will never magically appear on the screen.
  2. The reason I use ed is that I don't want to lose what's on the screen.
  3. I have played Dracula a thousand times on stage and I find I have become thoroughly settled in the technique of the stage and not of the screen.
  4. You'd have to have one hell of an imagination to completely make up a story, but historians are very anal about what they think should be portrayed on screen. Thankfully they don't make movies; we do.
  5. Of all the stars whom I worked with, I think Steve knew better what worked for him on the screen than any other. He had such a sense of what he could register, and that helped a lot in terms of shaping the character and the script.

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