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How To Spell screw?

Correct spelling: screw

What are the misspellings for screw ?

  • scrws,
  • screew,
  • skrews,
  • scrath,
  • socery,
  • scaryy,
  • sercure,
  • scaryer,
  • euskera,
  • scoore,
  • sercret,
  • secreacy,
  • screnn,
  • scarece,
  • scremo,
  • sdcore,
  • scred,
  • acrew,
  • secreat,
  • screen1000,
  • sureky,
  • screet,
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  • sugrey,
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  • scrowl,
  • secery,
  • scarey,
  • scrue,
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  • sprew,
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  • sicret,
  • scroe.

What is the definition of screw?

  1. To press by, or fasten with, a spirally threaded cylinder moving in a similarly threaded hollow; twist; force; as, to screw one's courage to the sticking point; to turn, as with a screw; to twist or distort; to extort; with out, of, or from.

What does the abbreviation screw mean?

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This graph shows how "screw" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the quotes for screw?

  1. They're guys who want to screw around all the time, which interests me not at all. God knows we've done that, been there, and we don't want to do that any more.
  2. I'm completely in favor of the separation of Church and State. My idea is that these two institutions screw us up enough on their own, so both of them together is certain death.
  3. Baseball was made for kids, and grown -ups only screw it up.
  4. I know the guru route, I know you go sit on a mountain. But screw India. I ain't going there.
  5. You're torn between wanting to fill in all the spaces and knowing that's really going to screw up the screenplay. And yet, how are you going to communicate it to people who really don't understand the process?

What are the rhymes for screw?

  1. yue, hou, xue, zoo, woo, skew, gnu, ooh, fu, pugh, hewe, flew, sue, tew, leu, you, shu, gue, ku, joo, mew, q, sioux, blew, flu, lieu, vu, strew, coups, two, ou, shew, gu, pew, rue, few, due, phu, shrew, pru, yoo, cou, who, glue, siew, chu, drew, blue, ju, hugh, rew, coo, jew, flue, yew, uwe, beu, lu, loo, queue, su, thew, tu, through, moo, shoe, phew, kew, ewe, lew, knew, zhou, hew, douwe, soo, que, thru, tue, thuy, boo, cue, stew, dru, mu, spew, doo, poo, zhu, trew, yu, pou, clue, slew, nu, qu, do, xu, shoo, coup, lou, chiu, koo, jue, pooh, goo, new, foo, u, liu, pu, hue, ru, hsu, stu, chou, zue, glew, bleu, threw, crewe, prue, grew, too, vue, chew, du, view, kyu, wu, crew, lue, hoo, hu, whew, true, brew, dew;
  2. fondue, tatu, baku, withdrew, revue, cebu, babu, taboo, tattoo, renew, ensue, peru, imbue, canoe, urdu, ague, anew, ado, bamboo, m2, kazoo, undue, liou, construe, undo, untrue, unglue, perdue, adieu, cat-2, abou, reto, wahoo, zanu, mchugh, outgrew, into, c2, miscue, fitzhugh, kwangju, redo, pursue, shampoo, purdue, askew, subdue, larue, review, eschew, accrue, leroux, debut, outdo, ragu;
  3. iou, overdo, hitherto, timbuktu, isu, misconstrue, byu, suu, overthrew, kangaroo, overdue, katmandu, depardieu;
  4. kalamazoo, hullabaloo;
  5. dfw;

What are the translations for screw?

Afrikaans word for Screw


Arabic word for Screw


Bengali word for Screw


Chinese word for Screw


Dutch words for Screw

schroef, schroeven, aandraaien, vastschroeven.

French words for Screw

vite, serrer, visser, vis, fixer avec une vis.

German words for Screw

Schraube, schrauben, verschrauben, ficken, Schnecke, Schiffsschraube, Propeller, mausen, bescheißen, eine Nummer schieben, pimpern, poppen, bumsen, rummachen, vögeln.

Hindi word for Screw


Japanese words for Screw

ねじ, スクリュー, 螺子, ねじくぎ, ビス, ねじ釘, 螺旋, 捻じれる, おまんこ, 捩じれる, よじる, 拗る, 螺子釘, らし, 捻子, まんこ, 真婿, おめこ, 捩子, スクリユー.

Javanese word for Screw


Korean word for Screw


Malay word for Screw


Marathi word for Screw


Norwegian word for Screw


Polish word for Screw


Portuguese words for Screw

apertar, parafuso, parafusar, aparafusar, atarraxar, tarraxar.

Romanian word for Screw


Russian words for Screw

винт, шуруп.

Spanish words for Screw

joder, rosca, tornillo, apretar, husillo, hélice, atornillar, enroscar, tuerca, vida.

Swedish word for Screw


Tamil word for Screw


Ukrainian word for Screw


Vietnamese word for Screw

đinh vít.