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What are the usage examples for se?

  1. Mistis, she say, won't Marse George please ter come in de charmber. – Throckmorton by Molly Elliot Seawell
  2. 24. For se' read se – Early English Meals and Manners by Various
  3. Try to think of other people first-" " I will, father- I really will; but don't lecture me to- day, plea- se – Sisters Three by Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey
  4. Their quarrel was one of long standing, and nobody seemed to know how it had begun; but everybody said that Chitta was such a cross, ugly fellow that he must needs quarrel with somebody, and had chosen Has- se for an enemy because everybody else loved him. – The Flamingo Feather by Kirk Munroe
  5. I'se got lunch all ready to eat! – Natalie: A Garden Scout by Lillian Elizabeth Roy
  6. 2- 2: se persigue: they have pursued. – Novelas Cortas by Pedro Antonio de Alarcón
  7. Pingit se lineis daedaleis rubris. – Critiques and Addresses by Thomas Henry Huxley
  8. I do not care about the Sanitary Board per se – Memoir and Letters of Francis W. Newman by Giberne Sieveking
  9. His passion is success, per se foul or fair consequences or the conventional ideas of humanity notwithstanding. – Our War with Spain for Cuba's Freedom by Trumbull White
  10. Sir Henry Taylor, the most serene and dignified of men, found himself charged in Carlyle's sketch of Southey with the unpleasant attribute of " morbid vivacity," and not only with morbid vivacity simpliciter, or per se but " in all senses of that deep- reaching word." – The Life of Froude by Herbert Paul

What are the rhymes for se?

  1. tea, j, te, greased, ski, honoree, chablis, de, curie, mit, ne, nej, cd, banshee, tse, bbc, resignee, tennessee, enlistee, yee, kee, leased, internee, enrollee, louie, pei, brie, decree, khe, vendee, nay, esprit, lavie, tee, mei, ged, referee, rb, rosalee, cay, cc, flee, maye, ki, waye, gee, graye, stay, dray, ay, waikiki, blea, flea, lsd, lay, capri, yeast, spray, jae, tay, rae, bay, nic, njt, gway, k, vee, jay, wei, nee, neigh, shay, they, yay, brey, syp, blay, sta, sway, ca, bree, fray, jee, indri, je, nghi, fop, lxi, cod, yie, guarani, free, g, bey, odp, markee, ofc, slay, hey, foresee, guarantee, three, yea, pri, ree, leigh, kay, spie, flay, mc, ji, ghee, oversea, mcgee, v, rupee, ranee, beast, re, ray, ot, zee, devotee, appointee, retiree, t, bray, marie, rea, oad, escapee, detainee, sheree, nestle, mae, jaye, jubilee, he, sri, marquee, pieced, sie, the, che, glee, lee, sze, pea, qi, plea, cyb, lessee, lea, ee, whoopee, loree, shea, cree, fsi, we, sightsee, see, trustee, snee, tray, marquis, li, priest, emcee, smee, play, dee, brea, ye, dey, pree, gutsy, kea, bui, cat-3, saye, she, quay, ae, bourgeoisie, raye, henri, frey, fi, cxc, dundee, mea, yangtze, wray, pay, fleeced, repartee, ney, mpg, tae, prix, si, nabil, klay, b, way, stray, daye, tv, dae, valoree, tyree, dsv, kyi, fe, qui, ddt, ib, shi, magee, parolee, mi, ceased, jessee, id, gaye, ley, inductee, tenn, sci, kaye, say, sleigh, wy, mme, musee, ravi, lait, gyi, guaranty, draftee, thee, deportee, hwe, pray, shri, least, eap, knee, atp, debris, drey, licensee, chee, sep, xie, lp, d, quai, paye, day, faye, c, thi, slee, goatee, tree, me, hay, bee, sea, bt, prey, gray, zea, disagree, brae, undersea, jie, trey, yippee, cie, designee, ip, grey, vey, cray, wee, ze, cac, ab, nie, apc, ti, dupree, potpourri, mt, fee, andree, rosemarie, rey, mcghee, lei, z, mey, whey, fay, feast, m3, xi, hee, key, wey, pattee, thierry, may, east, ve, fey, weigh, spree, vi, bea, franchisee, crea, trainee, yi, clay, conferee, degree, bibi, nominee, be, pawnee, haye, c3, chea, klee, mee, dea, jaycee, p;
  2. defray, purvey, portray, beret, convey, jose, mcveigh, mccrea, array, survey, orsay, manet, sergei, nisei, asay, oj, mckay, policed, abbe, deceased, dk, cathay, macrae, passe, northeast, soiree, o'shea, valet, released, crochet, repay, sorbet, replay, alee, cache, today, buffet, cliche, adee, delray, ga, ballet, chalet, ole, dossier, renee, essay, saute, astray, millay, parquet, abee, delay, cafe, bouquet, da, moray, toupee, okay, obey, rene, b-j, prepay, beauvais, nikkei, croquet, filet, halfway, dismay, achee, increased, levey, southeast, bombay, gervais, ek, calais, hooray, ha, hervey, ac, display, souffle, allay, risque, hurray, olay, away, belay, carre, decay, betray, puree, decreased, fillet, mackay, agree, monet, albee;
  3. overplay, addressee, ekk, absentee, monterrey, overstay, intraday, ita, jna, adoree, perrier, disobey, monterey, adoptee, uva, cea, unreleased, bouvier, chevrolet, dak, ira, disarray, underplay, fiance, cabaret, piaget, amputee, faberge, lyonnais, amc, bua, attache, underway, abt, aaa, cabernet, bta;
  4. naivete, asea, interviewee, noaa, hnat, cabriolet, ceta, foia, knbc, hiaa, geac, lapd, irit, communique;
  5. awb;
  6. waga;

What are the translations for se?

Arabic word for Se

حد ذاتها.

French word for Se


Hindi word for Se


Italian word for Se


Japanese words for Se

ひょうじゅんごさ, ソフトウェアエンジニアリング, 標準誤差, エスイー.

Korean word for Se

그 자체.

Marathi word for Se


Portuguese word for Se


Spanish word for Se


Tamil word for Se