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Correct spelling: seat

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What is the definition of seat?

  1. be able to seat; "The theater seats 2,000"

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What are the rhymes for seat?

  1. meet, greet, skeat, treat, piet, beat, peat, meat, pete, cheat, street, grete, wheat, sleet, feet, peete, bleat, veit, leet, teet, teat, mete, beet, heat, fleet, feat, sweet, crete, st, peet, neat, eat, pleat, suite, neet, cleat, skeet, sheet, tweet;
  2. discreet, mistreat, defeat, deceit, receipt, discrete, delete, conceit, excrete, retreat, bridgette, compete, deplete, downbeat, petite, secrete, replete, gamete, elite, amit, unseat, offbeat, concrete, repeat, complete, effete;
  3. marguerite, noncompete, uncomplete, incomplete, indiscreet, marquerite;

What are the translations for seat?

Arabic word for Seat


Chinese words for Seat

座, 席, 席位, 座位, 座椅, 阀座, 坐椅, 议席, 位子.

Dutch words for Seat

plek, plaats, vestiging, zitting, zetel, zitplaats, stoel, zadel.

French words for Seat

place, placer, banc, fesses, selle, faire asseoir, rempailler, fauteuil, chaise, banquette.

German words for Seat

Platz, Sitz, Fond, Bank, Base, hinsetzen, Mandat, Sitzbank, Stuhl, Amtssitz, Sitzplatz, Sitzgelegenheit, Sitzfläche, Sitzschale, Auflagefläche, Abgeordnetensitz, Hosenboden.

Greek word for Seat


Hindi word for Seat


Italian word for Seat


Japanese words for Seat

シート, 座席, 観覧席, こしかけ, 腰掛, 腰掛け, 腰掛け台, ちゃくせき, 腰かけ, 床榻, ざせき, しょうとう, こしかけだい, 筵, 腰掛台, 腰かけ台, 莚, 蓆, 牀榻, かんらんせき.

Javanese word for Seat


Portuguese words for Seat

sede, cadeira, poltrona, assento, selim, empossar.

Romanian words for Seat

stol, scaun.

Russian words for Seat

сиденье, усаживать, рассадить, сидение, поместить.

Spanish words for Seat

foco, lugar, puesto, mandato, trasero, acomodar, asiento, banco, silla, sentar, plaza, escaño, butaca, curul, vaga.

Tamil word for Seat


Turkish words for Seat

zıt, koltuk.

Ukrainian word for Seat