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What are the translations for section?

Afrikaans word for Section


Chinese words for Section

部分, 节, 部门, 截面, 路段, 切面, 地段.

Dutch words for Section

vak, onderdeel, deel, stuk, afdeling, gedeelte, paragraaf, hoofdstuk, sectie, gebied, snede, stadsdeel, doorsnede, baanvak, katern.

French words for Section

point, article, rubrique, partir, section, district, volet, chapitre, paragraphe, fascicule.

German words for Section

Gruppe, Bereich, Zug, Artikel, Strecke, Service, Stelle, Teil, Abschnitt, Sektion, Abteilung, Absatz, Schnitt, Paragraph, Paragraf, Profil, Titel, Feld, Portion, Querschnitt, Rubrik, Kapitel, Ausschnitt, Streckenabschnitt, Sparte, Teilbereich, Abteil, Teilstück, Teilstrecke, Formstahl, Teilabschnitt, Anschnitt, Partie, Lektion, Trakt, Grabungsschnitt, Schnittfläche, Quartier, Zone, Segment, Lid, Coupé, Rayon, Page.

Greek word for Section


Hindi word for Section


Italian word for Section


Japanese words for Section

か, 章, 分科, 部署, 切片, 科, きょくしょ, はん, 区分け, 部所, ほん, ぶぶん, 区劃, くかく, 闋, ぶしょ, きりくち, いっかく, ぶんか, 截り口, せっぺん, くぶん, せつだん, 齣, きれめ, 切口, ちく, ひとふし, 切り口, せき.

Javanese word for Section


Korean word for Section

잘라낸 부분.

Malay word for Section


Norwegian word for Section


Polish words for Section

tak, sekcja, dział, odcinek, oddział, kształtownik, rubryka.

Portuguese words for Section

setor, seção, secção, fatia, artigo, parágrafo.

Romanian word for Section


Russian words for Section

раздел, секция, отдел, участок, рубрика, отсек, профиль, сечение, параграф, взвод.

Spanish words for Section

dividir, parte, tramo, espacio, sector, zona, corte, cortar, apartado, gajo, sección, departamento, rebanada, segmento, rúbrica, inciso.

Swedish word for Section


Tamil word for Section


Ukrainian word for Section