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See as a girl's name.

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What are the rhymes for see?

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  4. knbc, hnat, interviewee, lapd, irit, geac;
  5. awb;

What are the translations for see?

Arabic word for See


Dutch words for See

bekijken, ontmoeten, zien, bezoeken, opzoeken, inzien, snappen, ontvangen, beschouwen, zorgen.

French words for See

comprendre, suivre, constater, envisager, trouver, rencontrer, consulter, imaginer, voir, visualiser, percevoir, ver, veiller.

German words for See

ansehen, verstehen, einsehen, erkennen, treffen, bezichtigen, nachsehen, sehen, miterleben, begreifen, erblicken, aufsuchen, siehe, zusehen, ersehen, imaginär.

Greek word for See


Hindi word for See


Italian words for See

sé, vedere.

Japanese words for See

見える, ご覧になる, 目にする, ご覧なさる, めにする, おもいえがく, まみえる, ご覧に成る, はいかん, みうける, 見うける, 拝する, ごらんなさる, 御覧なさる, ほらね, 見受ける, 拝す, 拝観, 視る, ごらんになる.

Javanese word for See


Korean word for See

...을 보다.

Malay word for See


Polish words for See

zob., zobaczyć, widzieć, ujrzeć, zaobserwować, dostrzec, obejrzeć.

Portuguese words for See

visitar, perceber, enxergar.

Romanian word for See

a vedea.

Russian words for See

понимать, видеть, встречать.

Spanish words for See

examinar, visualizar, contemplar, verificar, consultar, procurar, encontrar, observar, entender, percibir, sien, constatar.

Turkish word for See


Ukrainian word for See


Vietnamese word for See

nhìn thấy.