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How To Spell seed?

Correct spelling: seed

Definition of seed:

  1. anything that provides inspiration for later work

List of misspellings for seed:

  • seved,
  • sured,
  • queed,
  • sied,
  • seeemed,
  • sside,
  • seeweed,
  • smaied,
  • sesed,
  • sadey,
  • sleeo,
  • sezied,
  • baseed,
  • sleed,
  • sused,
  • suded,
  • scedual,
  • seeat,
  • zertec,
  • spead,
  • asied,
  • szied,
  • selet,
  • saied,
  • sceened,
  • beed,
  • raiseed,
  • secod,
  • sceret,
  • useda,
  • scered,
  • seece,
  • sred,
  • yseteday,
  • siezed,
  • sised,
  • sorwd,
  • seand,
  • ssweet,
  • seeth,
  • see4,
  • sevety,
  • sefood,
  • siide,
  • suferd,
  • ceaced,
  • seemi,
  • usued,
  • seazed,
  • sweet16,
  • scerd,
  • smied,
  • sed,
  • seond,
  • secerty,
  • srudo,
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  • sghed,
  • thsed,
  • issueed,
  • seeed,
  • setee,
  • seet,
  • seamd,
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  • speet,
  • seetw,
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  • sidee.

What does the abbreviation seed mean?

Related words for seed

Beme Seed


Rock band

Beme Seed was a New York based psychedelic noise rock band led by Kathleen Lynch, known for her collaboration with the Butthole Surfers.

Lake Seed


Reservoir in Georgia

Seed Lake is a 240-acre reservoir with 13 miles of shoreline located in Rabun County, in the northeastern corner of Georgia, United States. It is the second lake in a series of six lakes that follow the original riverbed of the Tallulah River. Each lake in the chain is created by hydroelectric dams operated by Georgia Power. Lake Seed is sandwiched between the northernmost lake in the series, Lake Burton, and Lake Rabun. Lake Rabun is followed by Lake Tallulah Falls, Lake Tugalo, and Lake Yonah.

Reed Seed


Album by Grover Washington Jr.

Reed Seed is a 1978 album by jazz saxophonist Grover Washington Jr. released on the Motown label.

Schlumberger SEED


Education company

SEED, also known as Schlumberger Excellence in Educational Development, is a global non-profit educational outreach organization within Schlumberger Limited, the global oilfield services company.

Seed Records


Record label

Seed Records was a record label started by Paul Clark in 1972. The label ran until circa 1981, when he started Minstrel's Voyage Music. Seed Records was distributed by Word Records and ABC Records.

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This graph shows how "seed" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Rhymes for seed:

  1. keyed, stampede, recede, misread, freed, bede, swede, bead, proceed, misdeed, read, leed, he'd, walid, mead, we'd, screed, bleed, tweed, teed, steed, deed, plead, sneed, lead, indeed, secede, snead, need, rasheed, reread, reed, nead, creed, cede, kneed, fried, brede, meade, breed, dede, knead, hamid, she'd, rashid, lipide, precede, fede, speed, mislead, skied, impede, ede, greed, reid, wied, waleed, succeed, friede, shaheed, supersede, reseed, weed, saeed, heed, feed;
  2. concede, agreed, exceed, elide, decreed, accede, degreed, gilead;
  3. intercede, guaranteed, aristide, disagreed, overfeed;

Translations for seed:

Afrikaans word for Seed


Arabic word for Seed


Bengali word for Seed


Dutch words for Seed

zaad, zaaien, bezaaien, kiem, zaaigoed.

French words for Seed

planter, grain, graine, pépin, semailles, ensemencer, semis, semence, germe, semé.

German words for Seed

Kern, Korn, Samen, Saat, Same, Zuchtkeim, Samenkorn, Saatkorn, Saatgut, Aussaat, Keim.

Greek word for Seed


Hindi word for Seed


Japanese words for Seed

種子, 種, シード, たねもの, 種物, ザーメン.

Javanese word for Seed


Malay word for Seed


Marathi word for Seed


Norwegian word for Seed


Polish words for Seed

ziarno, nasiono, pestka, materiał siewny, ziarenko, nasienie, nasiona, zalążek.

Portuguese words for Seed

espalhar, de sementes, semente, semear, broto, espargir, bulbo, sémen, espalhar sementes, remover as sementes de, retirar as sementes de, deitar sementes, esparzir, esparramar, espalhar sementes em, tirar o caroço de.

Romanian word for Seed


Russian word for Seed


Spanish words for Seed

sembrar, grano, inicial, cultivar, dispersar, descendencia, semilla, pepita, salpicar, simiente, germen.

Swedish word for Seed


Tamil word for Seed


Turkish word for Seed


Vietnamese word for Seed

hạt giống.