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How To Spell segmentation?

Correct spelling: segmentation

List of misspellings for segmentation:

  • sdgmentation,
  • seymentation,
  • segnentation,
  • srgmentation,
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Alokistocaridae is a family of ptychopariid trilobites that lived from the Botomian epoch of the Early Cambrian until the Late Cambrian. Alokistocarids were particle feeders and left small furrows with are occasionally preserved. Their remains are found worldwide. Elrathia kingii, one of the most collected trilobites in the world, is a typical alokistocarid.



Conocoryphe is a genus of primarily eyeless trilobites belonging to the family Conocoryphidae. They lived during the Middle Cambrian period, about 505 million years ago.

Malcolm McDonald


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Malcolm McDonald is a British educator and the first marketing professor to have created an application for iPhone and to have recorded his full lectures.

Randy Albelda


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Randy Pearl Albelda is an American feminist economist holding a Ph.D. in economics who is an activist for women and children, an author, and an academic. She specialises in poverty and gender issues.

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Examples of usage for segmentation:

  1. 1847. 14- 17. Yolk- segmentation in Lacinularia. – On the Origin and Metamorphoses of Insects by Sir John Lubbock

Quotes for segmentation:

  1. Market segmentation s a natural result of the vast differences among people.

Rhymes for segmentation:

  1. equitation, germination, restoration, reincarnation, degradation, avocation, disqualification, duplication, association, relocation, separation, inhabitation, recrimination, maximization, probation, notation, eradication, rehabilitation, remuneration, expropriation, renegotiation, indication, affirmation, validation, globalization, specification, nationalization, toleration, gradation, inundation, impregnation, approbation, nonproliferation, reauthorization, liberation, reunification, communization, misinterpretation, contemplation, insemination, self-congratulation, permutation, figuration, fumigation, disintegration, diversification, molestation, reallocation, ventilation, falsification, insinuation, culmination, divination, disorientation, elaboration, registration, nomination, dissociation, exhumation, arbitration, pontification, domestication, triangulation, sterilization, industrialization, enumeration, misidentification, transplantation, compensation, explanation, inflation, salvation, donation, machination, decentralization, monopolization, saponification, hydrogenation, consternation, cremation, realization, suffocation, operation, ordination, rededication, vaporization, deregulation, implementation, oscillation, fluoridation, filtration, reconfiguration, indoctrination, substantiation, migration, fertilization, quantification, evaluation, denomination, regulation, excitation, ligation, corporation, contamination, adaptation, recreation, deportation, automation, laceration, imitation, stabilization, defamation, limitation, instrumentation, echolocation, reconciliation, decoration, sanctification, intoxication, incubation, explication, renovation, optation, respiration, tribulation, mechanization, suburbanization, deceleration, neutralization, dilatation, civilization, motivation, humiliation, certification, ionization, derivation, exasperation, expatriation, tabulation, destination, horatian, identification, dispensation, condemnation, integration, verification, elongation, commendation, mediation, recantation, mobilization, inclination, articulation, observation, gratification, decapitation, provocation, exhalation, infiltration, fibrillation, expectation, discontinuation, flirtation, authentication, levitation, sarmatian, stipulation, detonation, cooperation, politicization, hesitation, protestation, libration, exclamation, agglomeration, insubordination, conglomeration, inhalation, miscalculation, occupation, deliberation, evaporation, coronation, relation, transformation, deflation, rationalization, exoneration, segregation, intimidation, redecoration, adulation, perspiration, stagnation, miscommunication, aggravation, affrication, reverberation, victimization, exhortation, inauguration, annihilation, fascination, initiation, indentation, determination, imagination, pagination, capitulation, refrigeration, graduation, pasteurization, interpretation, popularization, accumulation, equalization, resuscitation, narration, alleviation, moderation, foliation, prefabrication, demonstration, frustration, formulation, visitation, preoccupation, creation, exfoliation, incrustation, excommunication, infatuation, glorification, implication, vacillation, infestation, cultivation, manipulation, dramatization, vilification, interrogation, connotation, obligation, purification, depopulation, reinvigoration, qualification, negation, propagation, pigmentation, habitation, disinflation, marginalization, vaccination, polarization, cohabitation, investigation, summation, ornamentation, reconsideration, inflammation, reconfirmation, demoralization, multiplication, fragmentation, reclassification, aviation, consecration, privatisation, inspiration, intonation, concentration, vulgarization, perpetuation, organization, generation, miscreation, gentrification, revelation, commercialization, lactation, pollination, croatian, harmonization, delegation, dictation, conflagration, coagulation, indignation, education, gyration, ovation, impersonation, regeneration, sequestration, consummation, notification, reformation, justification, mummification, denationalization, remediation, masturbation, intensification, stalinization, localization, incantation, improvisation, legislation, condensation, representation, amelioration, mutilation, invalidation, discoloration, federation, vacation, revaluation, standardization, replication, specialization, escalation, preparation, punctuation, coordination, combination, ramification, evocation, implantation, decertification, fluctuation, corroboration, gasification, annotation, incoordination, admiration, irrigation, distillation, dilation, westernization, confabulation, embarkation, prognostication, illumination, proliferation, invitation, consolidation, constipation, categorization, computerization, oxidation, complication, reparation, personification, pronunciation, amalgamation, presentation, desiccation, reclamation, detoxification, repudiation, 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sanitation, desegregation, nullification, russification, reputation, dalmatian, orientation, translation, assassination, rectification, dissertation, personalization, orchestration, demarcation, reaffiliation, altercation, valuation, conservation, dissemination, formation, revitalization, decontamination, recuperation, alteration, hallucination, deforestation, demonization, argumentation, indemnification, fermentation, prostration, perturbation, gastrulation, reorganization, vegetation, maturation, gravitation, menstruation, malformation, renunciation, desecration, confrontation, sophistication, instigation, depredation, litigation, unification, violation, adjudication, desalinization, ministration, dissipation, modulation, disorganization, nondiscrimination, examination, extermination, confirmation, expiration, insulation, proclamation, simulation, unionization, exploitation, nitration, liquidation, conversation, elevation, situation, palpitation, ossification, syndication, termination, repatriation, facilitation, obfuscation, evacuation, manifestation, liberalization, compilation, domination, discrimination, augmentation, continuation, temptation, disinformation, demodulation, reiteration, subordination, immunization, affiliation, damnation, hybridization, deformation, amplification, mineralization, retardation, plantation, pressurization, exaggeration, criminalization, invocation, desalination, participation, reaffirmation, calculation, hyperinflation, deification, premeditation, emulation, gestation, disembarkation, declaration, resignation, normalization, application, animation, congratulation, population, indexation, dedication, affectation, emanation, correlation, reexamination, confederation, hospitalization, modification, reevaluation, ovulation, profanation, undervaluation, incarceration, generalization, emancipation, negotiation, democratization, depreciation, granulation, miniaturization, congregation, cogitation, codification, exacerbation, telecommunication, imputation, precipitation, recommendation, appreciation, authorization, usurpation, sedation, utilization, agitation, miseration, concatenation, procreation, cancellation, importation, adoration, flotation, appellation, regimentation, starvation, incorporation, overpopulation, predestination, glaciation, recalculation, christianization, publication, differentiation, extrapolation, approximation, vocation, alienation, constellation, duration, commemoration, incrimination, designation, renomination, centralization, incapacitation, urbanization, deviation, overvaluation, quotation, inoculation, recertification;
  2. nation, haitian, station, ration;
  3. cessation, alsatian, citation, carnation, causation, castration, cetacean;
  4. activation, abdication, accusation, aberration, abrogation, acclimation;
  5. abomination, abbreviation, accommodation, accreditation, acceleration;
  6. alphabetization, acidification, cannibalization, capitalization;
  7. decriminalization, americanization, antidiscrimination, demilitarization;
  8. internationalization, institutionalization;

Translations for segmentation:

Afrikaans word for Segmentation


Bengali word for Segmentation


French word for Segmentation


German words for Segmentation

Gliederung, Aufteilung, Einteilung, Aufgliederung, Untergliederung, Aufspaltung, Segmentierung, Zersplitterung, Zellteilung.

Italian word for Segmentation


Japanese word for Segmentation


Malay word for Segmentation


Polish word for Segmentation


Portuguese word for Segmentation


Romanian words for Segmentation

segmente, segmentarea.

Russian word for Segmentation


Tamil word for Segmentation


Turkish word for Segmentation


Ukrainian word for Segmentation