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How To Spell sell?

Correct spelling: sell

Definition of sell:

  1. do business; offer for sale as for one's livelihood; "She deals in gold"; "The brothers sell shoes"

List of misspellings for sell:

  • scedual,
  • sieral,
  • sellin,
  • uslly,
  • sellar,
  • cell449,
  • sealp,
  • selfe,
  • nell,
  • sellig,
  • cellur,
  • sellt,
  • selar,
  • hersell,
  • usely,
  • selleer,
  • selg,
  • sillt,
  • spll,
  • swelll,
  • selet,
  • we''ll,
  • isall,
  • selr,
  • slley,
  • seler,
  • naselly,
  • eseller,
  • selller,
  • selle,
  • hell,
  • cerfull,
  • selecy,
  • eserly,
  • soiil,
  • sulley,
  • llll,
  • smoll,
  • celey,
  • sleeo,
  • speel,
  • selaer,
  • stell,
  • wlel,
  • saler,
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  • cerly,
  • yself,
  • selece,
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  • selth,
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  • shll,
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  • sehila,
  • sallly,
  • saller.

What does the abbreviation sell mean?

  • –  Finlands Veterinärförbund
  • –  Societas Veterinariorum Finlandiae

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Brenda Sell


Brenda J. Sell is an American martial arts instructor, and the highest ranking non-Korean female practitioner of Taekwondo, according to the Kukkiwon, an international ranking body within Taekwondo. She holds the rank of 9th degree black belt in the art.

George Roger Sell



George Roger Sell was an American mathematician, specializing in differential equations, dynamical systems, and applications to fluid dynamics, climate modeling, control systems, and other subjects.

Take This House and Sell It


Canadian reality show

Take This House and Sell It is a Canadian Home and renovation reality show that originally ran from September 2, 2004 to May 18, 2010 on the W Network.

The Sell-In


Book by Craig Mathieson

The Sell-in: How the Music Business Seduced Alternative Rock is a book by Australian music journalist, Craig Mathieson. It documents the rise of the Australia's alternative music scene and how that success attracted the interest of the music industry's major labels.

William Edward Sell


W. Edward Sell was the Dean of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law from 1966 through 1977.

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Quotes for sell:

  1. If we could sell our experiences for what they cost us, we'd all be millionaires.
  2. No one told me I had to make something that would sell, but I personally want everyone to like my music.
  3. The poor are the only consistent altruists; they sell all they have and give it to the rich.
  4. I sell myself for the highest price. Exactly like a prostitute. There is no difference.
  5. My dad was a ham, too. He could sell those women anything. Of all his sons, I was the only one he could trust to sell as well as he could. I was proud of that.

Rhymes for sell:

  1. l, quell, well, ell, mell, cell, gehl, fell, tell, ehle, smell, zel, swell, knell, stell, shell, bell, tel, kal, schell, dell, bel, delle, mel, frel, cel, nel, chell, belle, spell, el, snell, gel, nelle, helle, jell, kjell, stelle, del, fel, pell, yell, nell, elle, kell, dwell;
  2. noelle, propel, carel, arnelle, cordell, romelle, rozelle, ravel, marvell, janelle, impel, ruelle, apel, nouvelle, hotel, mattel, joelle, marcel, atwell, chapell, mendell, marcelle, bechtel, grinnell, giselle, purcell, cattell, excel, markel, odell, rangel, chanel, mirelle, gabel, rochelle, outsell, tyrrell, carmel, cornell, cabell, michelle, adell, carvel, anwell, adele, burrell, compel, repel, ardelle, michele, miguel, estelle, farewell, rachelle, ansel, adel, arel, mozelle, retell, bedel, nobel, pastel, expel, accel, angelle, michel, randell, montel, sibelle, cavell, adelle, darnell, fidel, raquel, varvel, marvelle, shirelle, resell, madelle, niguel, brunelle, elwell, patel, udelle, sydell, manuel, moselle, lyell, martelle, waddell, novell, misspell, morel, rebel, cartel, gazelle, ul, noel, samelle, morrell, dantrell, corel, daniele, mantell, leonelle, unsell, darrelle, sharell, lavelle, intel, mabelle, ancel, dispel, lapel, foretell, twaddell, befell, hillel, capelle, hormel, ferrel, motel, shirell, cornelle, danelle, maybelle, rudelle, mirell, akel;
  3. gabriele, rafael, personnel, raphael, aol, avenel, isabell, mirabel, danielle, orabel, clientele;
  4. aix-la-chapelle, materiel, nepl, mademoiselle;

Translations for sell:

Arabic word for Sell


Bengali word for Sell

বিক্রি করা.

Chinese words for Sell

售, 出售, 销, 发售, 出卖, 行销, 销行, 售卖, 贩售, 推销, 经销, 换钱, 詅.

Dutch words for Sell

verkoop, verhandelen, verkopen, vervreemden, handel drijven.

French words for Sell

vendre, commercialiser, se vendre, convaincre de, écouler, brader.

German words for Sell

verraten, vertreiben, absetzen, verkaufen, vermarkten, gehen, weggehen, veräußern, sich verkaufen, verkitschen.

Greek word for Sell


Hindi word for Sell


Italian word for Sell


Japanese words for Sell

売る, 売り込む, うりこむ, あきなう, 鬻ぐ, 販ぐ, 商う, ひさぐ.

Javanese word for Sell


Korean word for Sell

(물건을) 팔다.

Malay word for Sell


Marathi word for Sell

विक्री करा.

Norwegian word for Sell


Portuguese word for Sell


Romanian word for Sell

a vinde.

Spanish words for Sell

comercializar, vender, enajenar, venderse.

Tamil word for Sell


Turkish word for Sell


Ukrainian word for Sell