How To Spell shaft?

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What does the abbreviation shaft mean?

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This graph shows how "shaft" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the quotes for shaft?

  1. Shaft was a pop culture figure along t he lines of, I guess, Dirty Harry- except that he wasn't as much of a racist. So yeah, I was always a fan.

What are the rhymes for shaft?

  1. daft, draught, taft, raft, kraft, laughed, calfed, haft, aft, draft, craft, graft, staffed;
  2. redraft, abaft;

What are the translations for shaft?

Afrikaans word for Shaft


Chinese word for Shaft

> 垂直通道.

Dutch words for Shaft

steel, koker, zuil, stang, pijl, disselboom.

French words for Shaft

tige, puits, conduit, axe, cage, arbre, hampe, ACI.

German words for Shaft

Schaft, Stiel, Achse, Welle, manche, Holm, Schacht, Pfeil, Tunnel, Spindel, Deichsel, Unterschenkel.

Hindi word for Shaft


Italian word for Shaft


Japanese words for Shaft

シャフト, 心棒, ステム, シャフト>.

Korean word for Shaft

수직 통로.

Malay word for Shaft


Marathi word for Shaft


Norwegian word for Shaft


Portuguese words for Shaft

haste, eixo, poço, raio, coluna.

Romanian word for Shaft


Russian words for Shaft

вал, ось, шахта, ствол, шток, черенок, древко, рукоять, ручка.

Spanish words for Shaft

hueco, eje, árbol, astil, joder, haz, pozo, rayo, varilla, asta, flecha, fuste, axel.

Swedish word for Shaft


Turkish word for Shaft